Judge Denies Restart On Obama Amnesty

The judge even uses Obama’s own words against Obama (via The Lonely Conservative)

(Washington Times) President Obama’s new deportation amnesty will remain halted, a federal judge in Texas ruled Tuesday night in an order that also delivered a judicial spanking to the president’s lawyers for misleading the court.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen, who first halted the amnesty in February, just two days before it was to take effect, said he’s even more convinced of his decision now, particularly after Mr. Obama earlier this year said he intends for his policies to supersede federal laws.

Judge Hanen pointed to Mr. Obama’s comments at a February town hall when the president warned immigration agents to adhere to his policies or else face “consequences.”

“In summary, the chief executive has ordered that the laws requiring removal of illegal immigrants that conflict with the 2014 DHS directive are not to be enforced, and that anyone who attempts to do so will be punished,” Judge Hanen wrote.

“This is not merely ineffective enforcement. This is total non-enforcement,” the judge continued, saying that Mr. Obama’s own descriptions of how he is carrying out his policies have hurt his case.

Unsurprisingly, the judge also pointed out that Obama’s DOJ lawyers lied in court

On Tuesday the judge not only refused to reconsider, but also said the administration misled him when it said no part of the amnesty had been implemented, and the lawyers bungled their attempt to try to repair the damage by filing an “advisory” with the judge early last month.

Since November, the administration had been granting a three-year amnesty to illegal immigrant Dreamers under the new policy. That’s a year longer than the two-year program Mr. Obama announced for the Dreamers in 2012.

Judge Hanen may also impose sanctions on the lawyers for misleading him. It’s nice to see that the rule of law actually means something.

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9 Responses to “Judge Denies Restart On Obama Amnesty”

  1. john says:

    Even Ronald Reagan believed that people who had lived here for many years should have a pathway to citizenship.The average length of time that an undocumented person has stayed in the USA is 11 years

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    The case is about Obama and his DOJ lackeys lying in federal court to a federal judge. Somehow Johnny missed that.

  3. Deserttrek says:

    wetbacks and all illegal aliens go back and improve your own countries

  4. Jeffery says:

    desserttrashes and all ignorant assholes leave America and improve it

  5. Jeffery says:


    I don’t watch much national news but am traveling on business today and saw something about a cop shooting a fleeing Black man in the back! I get most of my news from right-wing blogs like this, the Gateway Pudendum and #1 Instaputz and was surprised that there is no mention anywhere.

    The cop said he feared for his life BUT, a courageous citizen journalist videotaped the whole thing, clearly showing the cop shooting 8 times at the back of the father of four, stopped for a broken tail light. Mr. Scott was running away, dropping some 50 feet from the cop, who subsequently tossed a taser next to the corpse, claiming Mr. Scott took it. The cop lied in his report.

    Thank goodness for video, otherwise the cop would be lionized here and on other RWNJ blogs as a hero for bravely taking out a feral animal.

  6. Hank_M says:


    Gateway Pundit reported the Charleston shooting yesterday at 8:22 am.

    I don’t see anyone anywhere lionizing the police officer.

    Then again, I don’t see anyone but you referring to blacks as feral animals, uppity, or as darkies.

  7. Anyone notice that Liberals like Jeff aren’t all that concerned with what is called “Black in origin” killings? Namely, Blacks killing Blacks, which are roughly 90% of what happens when a Black is killed. Why are liberals so blase about that? Why are they so blase about almost 50% of the yearly murders being committed by a group that comprises 14% of the population? It’s almost like Liberals don’t care that Blacks are offing themselves.

  8. Hank_M says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing, William.
    And if a conservative brings up the subject, they get shouted down by white and black liberals as being racist and not having any business commenting on that particular subject.

    If a black conservative tries to address that subject, they’re called “uncle Tom’s” and worse.

    It’s like they’re afraid that black americans might wake up and see that they’ve been and are being used by guilty white liberals.

  9. It’s like they’re afraid that black americans might wake up and see that they’ve been and are being used by guilty white liberals.


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