Person Who Place Noose At Duke “Identified”

A bit of a follow up to the earlier #DukeNoose story

(WRAL)  It was a student who placed a noose in a tree on the Duke University campus Wednesday, campus police have determined.

In an update Thursday afternoon, Michael J. Schoenfeld, Duke vice president for public affairs and government relations, told the media that Duke University Police and the school’s Office of Student Affairs had identified the person responsible for the noose, and that person was no longer on campus.

Schoenfeld declined to name the student, who he said was an undergraduate, and said the university would not share the person’s gender or race.

This commentor at WRAL puts it perfectly

The University gets everybody all stirred up implying the worst possible implications of this event- the University spokesman said “the community isnt safe”.

Now after getting all of North Carolina all worked up that there is a combination of Bull Conner and Isaac Parker stalking the quad at Duke, its all “nevermind” ?

Yeah I dont think so. They cried Wolf, now they owe it to everyone to clarify if this was a race hoax, and dumb prank, or an actual hate crime.

If this story immediately disappears, and we receive no more information, I think we can make a rather informed decision as to the veracity and reality. For the 22 people who actually sent me unhinged emails, slurring me personally, tell you what: demand that Duke release the gender and sex of the perpetrator.

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9 Responses to “Person Who Place Noose At Duke “Identified””

  1. Jeffery says:

    22 nasty letters after your stupid and cowardly tweet. Some of your followers must have emailed twice.

    So your hypothesis is that since the school didn’t identify the student, he must be Black. Sound reasoning. Alternatively, maybe he is white and they wanted to guard against retaliation.

    According to AP: “School officials believe federal education laws protecting information about students and their grades prevent the school from describing the culprit’s gender, race or whether the student had been in trouble in the past, Schoenfeld said.”

    In any event, those Negroes are getting pretty uppity these days, so it’s good that a conservative, southern, white patriot remind them that “Murica” is a white Christian nation.

  2. Deserttrek says:

    grandma must be getting tired of feeding little j and paying all the bills .. of course the basement isn’t used much anymore

  3. john says:

    Teach TOU seem a bit unhinged by this
    22 emails?
    That many people read it How about posting them for us?
    And “demand that Duke release the sex and gender…..”
    not sure where you are going with that unless maybe you think that it was done by someone transgendered?
    That is pretty far out there Teach lol
    Freud taught that there are no accidents this one is a doozy

  4. john says:

    And Teach perhaps you forgot that this noose incident took place only a few weeks after that horrible frat song incident, you didnt mention that in this post, why not ?

  5. john says:

    and publish those emails we want to see them and all there addresses

  6. john says:

    were all 22 drom deranged people? show us

  7. jl says:

    “And publish those emails we want to see them. Were all 22 (?) Show us.” Really? We’re still waiting for you to “show us” your data where you polled the entire US Navy to find out their beliefs on GW. You first. J-“Alternatively, maybe he is white and wanted to guard against retaliation.” Alternatively, maybe you’re a hypocrite and forget that sure wasn’t the case in Ferguson where I never heard anybody on the left afraid of retaliation against the white police officer. I’m sure you just forgot. So Jeffry, let me try to understand your “reasoning”. White police officer in Ferguson, who did nothing wrong, it’s ok to plaster his name all over the country. But if this is a white student then he must be protected because he Did do something wrong. Yes, I’m sure that’s what’s going on, J. Off your meds today?

  8. Jeffery says:


    Let me try to understand your “reasoning”, such as it is. An agent of the state shoots and kills a teenager and you wish to withhold his name from the public? Fortunately, the state cannot go around killing citizens anonymously. I’d a thunk a conservatarian would understand that fine point. Or does your anonymity doctrine only apply when Negroes are killed?

    But someone hangs a noose on campus and he needs to be identified so you can see if he’s a Negro?

    LIke Teach, do you think Duke authorities are shielded the perp because he is Black?

    In that case, you should hope they never ID him, and you can keep your fantasy alive.

  9. jl says:

    WTF? “An agent of the state shoots and kills a teenager and you wish to withhold his name from public.” Translated from liberal double-speak: A policeman rightly defended his life from a thug. And mentioning teenager makes what difference? It’s not like teenagers commit a far grater majority on crimes than other age groups, do they? And by the way, his name (and address) was published before even being charged with anything. “Fortunately, the state cannot go around killing citizens anonymously.” Who said they should? It’s you who said it would not be strange “if he was white and they wanted to guard against retaliation.” On the contrary- for liberals that would be very strange. It’s highly improbable that the liberal media would protect this white boy from retaliation (if that’s what happened) after doing just the opposite in Ferguson and countless other incidents that fits their narrative. So, knowing that fact, I said it would be more reasonable to guess that his identity is being withheld because he’s some minority, rather than because liberals suddenly wanted to protect a white boy at an elite college.

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