Good News: Obama’s “Amnesty” Could Cost Up To $484 Million A Year

All to make sure that people who broke federal law, either by coming to the country illegally or overstaying their visas, can take jobs from Americans, soak up our “safety net” programs, and keep wages low, among others

(CNS News) If President Barack Obama’s immigration plan gets past a federal court injunction, and if 60 percent of illegals apply for deferred action protection under the plan, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency projects that it may have to hire an additional 3,100 employees, with a total program cost of up to $484 million a year.

I know, I know, Democrats/Liberals will proclaim that $484 million is a pittance, when compared to the federal budget. I know, I know, that is an absurd rationalization, especially considering that they say that people who make $250000 a year or more are “rich”.

In a detailed response to questions from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee about the cost of processing the illegals at a newly rented facility in Arlington, Va., the USCIS said “planning was based on the assumption that 60 percent of all individuals who may be considered for DACA or DAPA would elect to file a request.” (See Responses to Questions from Grassley-Johnson-Sessions 02.26.15 (3).pdf)

“Should that initial planning estimate hold true and the injunction were lifted, USCIS might ultimately need to increase its hiring plan up to a total of 3,100 new employees at an annual cost of $184.3 million, and total program costs of between $324 and $484 million per year,” said the agency in its response to Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), and Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).

All to help people who shouldn’t be in the country in the first place, and many do not seem like they actually want to be a part of America. Instead, they want to tell America to change to accommodate the illegals. It would cost almost nothing to pass a law that makes it a heavy criminal act, with jail time and heavy fines, to any company that knowingly hires illegals. That allows them to rent apartments and homes. That allows them to attend college. Stop all incentives to illegals (border jumpers and visa overstayers). Increase work visas, and make companies responsible for providing healthcare. Make all hiring companies and colleges responsible for keeping track of immigration status, under penalty of law. These are the things that happen in most other countries, including Mexico.

Of course, this being government, the reality of the cost will surely be much more than the high end of $484 million.

Blacks in poor communities, who support the Democrats at a 90% plus rate at the polls, should remember that the amnesty push is going to hurt them more. All to legalize people who were exported from their native countries, who tend to be the poorest, least educated, and most disgruntled.

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5 Responses to “Good News: Obama’s “Amnesty” Could Cost Up To $484 Million A Year”

  1. Deserttrek says:

    oh so illegal aliens don’t help the economy? who would’ve thought that? any reasonable rational person not living in DC

    now that they have re enslaved the black population, it’s time to create the hispanic plantation

  2. John says:

    So Teach that 500million cost
    That works out to about 1.50$ per person
    Are you I really suggesting that little kids who were brought here without do jmr td and who have lived here all their lives should be sent away to save you the cost of a cup of coffee
    And you call Obamaa narcissist ?
    When are you planning on asking a. Customers. About their legal status ?

  3. Jeffery says:

    Great idea. It’s about time that conservatives got serious. Let’s enact laws that makes each and every American responsible for ridding the nation of the scourge of aliens. Anyone caught engaging in any business or legal transaction without determining the legal status of the other party should be prosecuted under a “heavy criminal act, with jail time and heavy fines”.

    If you rent an apartment to, sell a car to, teach a student, treat a sore throat of, have your shingles replaced by, get your garbage picked up by an illegal alien, you will be prosecuted. Period.

    Rather than push this onto the government and employers, it should be the responsibility of all real Americans to get a little skin in the game.

    Of course, some criminal types will try to skirt the law and let someone, for example, buy a car without verifying the customer’s papers, so we’ll need some sting operations to punish those that would risk America’s security for a mere commission. But a few salespeople doing a year in jail will get the message across.

    Hey Panera, you wanna sell me a sandwich? Not so fast, Pedro! Let me see your papers.

    Qi Tran! You’re not touching my fingernails unless I see some ID!

    Housekeeping! Sorry, Lolita, you’re not cleaning my room until you prove you’re here legally.

    Just spitballing here, but why not have a reward system for our kids in school to turn in other kids they suspect of being illegal? If the authorities determine the suspected kid or his family is illegal, the informant gets special seating in class or maybe an ice cream party.

    Once those vile illegals get the idea that real Americans won’t tolerate their shenanigans they’ll self-deport, as Mitt Romney said.

    This isn’t a problem for just the government and employers but all real Americans need to pitch in and do their part.

  4. jl says:

    J- If liberals weren’t hypocrites, this is how you should have put it: “It’s about time that liberals got serious. We go around claiming moral superiority pretending we’re the ones who “care” for African Americans. Let’s walk the walk and prove we do. We should immediately reverse policy-now we believe the law should be upheld by making our borders secure. The low wage competition form illegals is hurting blacks more than anyone else. We have to take care of out legal citizens first. All real liberal Americans should pitch in and do their part.” Now that would be a great idea.

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