Obama Tells Young People They Should Worry Less About Marijuana Decriminalization

They should worry more about “climate change”, and things over which the Obama administration has shown their utter lack of competence

(Breitbart) President Obama discussed the legalization of marijuana during an interview with VICE News, but lectured young people, suggesting that they should be more worried about other problems in the world.

VICE CEO Shane Smith noted during the interview that if Obama legalized marijuana it would be the “biggest part of your legacy.”

“Well first of all, it shouldn’t be young people’s biggest priority,” Obama said sternly. “Let’s put it in perspective. Young people, I understand this is important to you but you should be thinking about climate change, the economy, jobs, war and peace.”

“Maybe way at the bottom you should be thinking about marijuana,” he said.

I find myself in agreement with Obama on this. Those are issues young people should be concerned with more than marijuana legalization. They should worry about being duped by the Cult of Climastrology (CoC), which looks to lower the standard of living for Everyone Else, while increasing government confiscation of money (taxation, fees) and control of individual lives and private entities. They should worry about being told that they must go to college, rack up lots of debt, and graduate into a poor jobs market that moves more and more into being about part time jobs, often to avoid Obamacare requirements. They should worry about the political party, Democratic, that the tend to support more than any other, which has a miserable track record when it comes to economic activity, and likes to spend willy nilly for no return.

War and peace? They should worry about the every growing threat from radical Islam. They should worry about Obama give the store away to Iran. They should worry about the crummy way Obama treats our allies.

Obama admitted that he was interested in “decriminalization” of the use of marijuana, pointing out that it had a terrible effect on communities of color by making people unemployable due to their criminal records.

Without being snarky, on this I agree, as well. If alcohol is going to be legal, why keep marijuana illegal as a felony, due to its federal status as a Schedule I drug? Alcohol is much worse, both physically and psychologically, than marijuana. That said, there certainly needs to be a concern over the ever increasing power of THC, a main component of What Makes Marijuana Fun. When it’s getting to the same power as typical hallucinogenics (LSD, blotters, micro-dots, ‘shrooms, etc), there needs to be a concern.

Overall, though, young folks should be much more concerned over the massive damage Democrats, and Obama, have done to this country’s well being. The massive increase in the debt, massive increase in economic woes, poor economic conditions, pushing for amnesty which would keep pay low, spying on Americans, and so much more.

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