Al Gore Takes Fossil Fueled Flight To Tell Warmists To Organize On The Internet

Twenty five plus years of spreading awareness and pushing Big Central Government policies and all they have are more pushes for spreading awareness and Big Central Government policies. And climahypocrisy. We can’t forget about that

Want to fight climate change? Organize over the Internet, says Al Gore

AUSTIN, Texas — Al Gore thinks the Internet could help save the planet. Literally.

The former United States vice president exhorted people to tap into the power of the Internet to organize their efforts for a healthy environment and call out politicians who deny climate change.

“Push back. Use social media, use the Internet,” Gore said Friday. “Political will is a renewable resource.”

Gore made his comments during a presentation on the first day of South by Southwest Interactive, the tech-centric portion of the festival that brings together the technorati, filmmakers and musicians. Gore has deep ties to the technology industry, as a director on Apple’s board and senior partner at the venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

He couldn’t have given this speech via the Internet, rather than taking a fossil fueled flight (and, being Gore, you just know he took a private jet) to Austin, Texas? We know he couldn’t tell the rest of the Cult Of Climastrology (CoC) to practice what they preach, because he himself is a massive climahypocrite. Not that they’d listen on that point anyhow.

Arguably the most recognizable face of the environmental movement, Gore compared the fight over climate change to recent political wins for Net neutrality, the concept of ensuring that all Internet traffic gets fair and equal treatment. The Federal Communications Commission last month voted in favor of stricter regulations that would ensure an open Internet. The lead up to that vote involved an active Internet campaign, with Amazon, Facebook, Google and other tech giants voicing support, joined by people sharing their views on social media.

In other words, Gore inadvertently exposed that the whole “climate change” movement is essentially a far left political push for far left political measures, based on hyperbole that is divorced from the reality. Net neutrality is more about creating massive Central Government control of the Internet and the people who use it, which will also stifle innovation. Climate change is about enacting Big Government control of people, private entities, and the economy.

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6 Responses to “Al Gore Takes Fossil Fueled Flight To Tell Warmists To Organize On The Internet”

  1. Jeffery says:

    While you’re masturbating about Al Gore, don’t forget:

    The Earth continues to warm from CO2 humans are adding to the atmosphere. The resulting warming is changing human civilization.

    The world’s scientists tell us the probability that humans are causing global warming is 0.95, that is, 95%.

    The industries that are causing global warming (and their shield carriers), profiting trillions of dollars, tell us the probability is zero.

    There exist two camps denying global warming; neither camp can refute the science. The aforementioned industries comprise the first camp, and anti-government zealots the second.

  2. Deserttrek says:

    “we had to destroy the village to save it”

    the child abusers continue the fraud ….

  3. Jeffery says:


    But no rebuttal, just more name calling?

    The only child abuse is being committed by the science Deniers who tell lies to the children and condemn them to a tragic future.

    You’re pathetic. Do you profit from your science denial or do you conduct yourself out of misdirected ideology?

    Can you tell us why you think slowing global warming is equivalent to “destroying the village”?

  4. John says:

    Teach do you see the net carbon pollution results from him as being positive or negative ?
    Because of his efforts (and you being forced by the EPA backed by the oppressive Kenyan bornMarxist usurper, carbon pollution from power generation did NOT increase in a growing economy

  5. Teach do you see the net carbon pollution results from him as being positive or negative ?

    First, carbon pollution is a political term, not a scientific .

    Second, Gore is a complete hypocrite.

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