Washington Post Againt Attempts To Explain Why Hot Creates Cold And Snow

Like a puppy with rabies, Climastrologers have their teeth in this meme and won’t let go

How climate change may be producing more blockbuster snowstorms

After another extreme winter in the eastern United States – symbolized by Boston’s historic snow blitz of 90 inches in just over three weeks – scientists, the media and the public are asking once again: Is climate change causing more extreme snowfall events?

The argument that climate change is leading to greater snowfalls is based on a very simple law of physics – a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture. But on the other hand, snowfall is dependent on sub-freezing temperatures, so what does it mean for places like the eastern United States, where climate change might make it too warm for snowfall?

In Warmist World, it means more snow and cold.

The best tools we have to answer such a complex question, which incorporate all the physics and competing factors, are the climate models. Put simply, climate models are similar to weather models but run on a much larger scale in both space and time. They take into account interactions between land, oceans and ice, and importantly, they attempt to predict changes in our climate as greenhouse gases increase in the atmosphere.

Weather models are often not particularly accurate when you get to 5 days and out. Because weather is volatile.

All of the climate models predict that mid-latitude storm tracks (like the winter storms we see in the United States) will shift toward the poles with climate change — north in the Northern Hemisphere, and south in the Southern Hemisphere. They also predict more precipitation overall.

Uh huh. They also failed to predict the Pause. And are 95% wrong. The rest is just giving it a good old try in linking more cold and snow with hot. Cult.

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4 Responses to “Washington Post Againt Attempts To Explain Why Hot Creates Cold And Snow”

  1. Jeffery says:

    It’s not that hard a concept, but may require an 8th grade understanding of general physics.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    It’s not that hard a concept, but may require an 8th grade understanding of general physics.

    Your posts and comments indicate that you lack that understanding.

    But you have that childish hatred of all things that you don’t like or agree with down to a “tee.”

  3. Jl says:

    J, did the NYT understand physics when they published “Enjoy snow while we have it” on Jan.26, 2013, or “The end of snow?” on Feb. 7, 2014? Or did the laws of physics change for astrologers?

  4. Jeffery says:


    And that’s the point. As we rapidly leave the Holocene and enter an unprecedented (for humans) warm period, we will get more and more climate changes. For some areas the snow will eventually slow and stop. For example, the Western US has had an unusually low snow year with record heat. The Eastern US, just the opposite – unusually wet (snow) and cold.

    It’s not magic. It’s physics.

    The Earth is warming rapidly because of CO2 being added rapidly to the atmosphere.

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