U.S. Being “Morally Humiliated” By ISIS Says….Chris Matthews

Huh. Well, this was not expected (video at link)

(Daily Caller) In the wake of ISIS releasing a video showing the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians on Sunday, MSNBC host Chris Matthews railed to cap his Monday program against the U.S. being “morally humiliated” in the ongoing fight against the terror group.

Matthews openly questioned whether the U.S. can sit back and just “do nothing,” while adding that “we need a plan” to combat the terror group, suggesting the currently one is insufficient.

Wait, does he mean that “Strategic Patience” doesn’t work? Matthews stated

What can we do? Can we do nothing? Can we just look at the pictures, ask what’s for supper? What’s on TV tonight? What’s the weather like tomorrow morning and go on with our lives warding off the knowledge that these people are being killed in demonstration against us. How about this: can we content ourselves by doing something that we know right now will not be enough to stop this horror.

I know, we all know we need a plan. We need a root that takes us to destroyed ISIS because the alternative is too sick, too un-American, too un-human. We can’t see people killed like this in our face and simply flip to the sports page or the financial news or what’s at the movies or who’s going to win the Oscars and act like America, our country, is not being morally humiliated, because it is, with the lives of at least some of these people, who must, in their last minutes, have to be wondering if there’s any chance the people in the United States could be coming to their rescue because that’s how we were taught that we conduct ourselves. We don’t leave people behind.

What is Obama’s plan? Who really knows, because Team Obama will barely acknowledge that groups like ISIS, and ISIS itself, is based on hardcore Islamic teachings, that they want a hardcore Islamic state. The Atlantic has a must read entitled What ISIS Really Wants

There is a temptation to rehearse this observation—that jihadists are modern secular people, with modern political concerns, wearing medieval religious disguise—and make it fit the Islamic State. In fact, much of what the group does looks nonsensical except in light of a sincere, carefully considered commitment to returning civilization to a seventh-century legal environment, and ultimately to bringing about the apocalypse.

The most-articulate spokesmen for that position are the Islamic State’s officials and supporters themselves. They refer derisively to “moderns.” In conversation, they insist that they will not—cannot—waver from governing precepts that were embedded in Islam by the Prophet Muhammad and his earliest followers. They often speak in codes and allusions that sound odd or old-fashioned to non-Muslims, but refer to specific traditions and texts of early Islam.


The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers, drawn largely from the disaffected populations of the Middle East and Europe. But the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam.

Virtually every major decision and law promulgated by the Islamic State adheres to what it calls, in its press and pronouncements, and on its billboards, license plates, stationery, and coins, “the Prophetic methodology,” which means following the prophecy and example of Muhammad, in punctilious detail. Muslims can reject the Islamic State; nearly all do. But pretending that it isn’t actually a religious, millenarian group, with theology that must be understood to be combatted, has already led the United States to underestimate it and back foolish schemes to counter it.

In order to beat your adversary you must understand your adversary. You must acknowledge what your adversary believes, what they want to accomplish, and how they want to accomplish it. This is no way means all Muslims are bad, a strawmen argument sure to be trotted out. What it does mean is that there are lots and lots of Muslims who will join, who either already believe in the regressive form of Islam or can be persuaded to believe it.

Many have asked, in deflecting, distracting, jukin ‘n jivin away from the Crusader Challenge, what can be done. Good question. When it comes to the hardcores, there is little else to do but kill them. Sound harsh? They know they are fighting a war. They want a war….well, what they really want is submission to the Islamic state, but they are more than happy to fight, kill, be brutal, and commit horrendous acts to get their way. Muslims are joining ISIS because of those acts. Once Germany was defeated, most average citizens, including most of the German military, laid down their arms, especially in light of the atrocities that the Nazi Party hardcores committed. They saw the light. Yet, the idea of Nazism never truly went away.

Nazism is banned in Germany. Did you know that? Governments in many 1st World nations keep a sharp eye on those practicing Nazism. Hardcore Islam has spread throughout the Middle East. Into Africa. To parts of the old Soviet Union. Asia. Indonesia. The Philippines. Europe. Canada. The United States. The only way to stop the spread of the hardcore version of Islam is to ban it, much like Egypt had banned the Muslim Brotherhood. We need to stop thinking that it is only the violent jihadi ones that need to be dealt with. It’s being taught in mosques and Islamic schools, even in the 1st World. Sound harsh? Again, the Islamists know they are in a fight for control, and their objective is the world. The hardcore Islamic teachers, imams, etc, should have zero access to our schools, our kids, our prisons, our colleges. Would we allow neo-Nazis access? We need to stop being cowards on the subject. It might be that we box them up in areas like the Middle East, and keep them out of the 1st world, which requires the 1st World to stop funding the Middle East, primarily by 100% doing away with fossil fuels from that area.

The Islamists have a plan. Do we?

Meanwhile, Obama golfs.

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7 Responses to “U.S. Being “Morally Humiliated” By ISIS Says….Chris Matthews”

  1. Phil Taylor says:

    Wow that was a pretty powerful well put blog. From both by Chris Matthews and Pirate Cove. The solution to ban Islam may be an expediant one, but not the right one. It would violate some of of our most precious Western values of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. A better solution which I do not see happening is a complete anti-propaganda campaign being launched in all areas of the press, schools, mosques, etc.. giving strong counter points to “the Prophetic methodology,” If their philosopy is so flawed as we presume, than expose it as being so, and allow younger people a very good counter view. I know this may be hard since there are sympathizers in acadamia that preach anti-westernism or anti-americanism in western universities, however not everyone believes this so and they must be heard from. When you only get one side of the argument you have religion. Certainly now is the time for moderate muslims to step up to the plate and proclaim loud and clear counter points to this extremeist point of view. The fact that they have not done so makes society believe that they secretly support them. If this is not true then they now need to prove it. A vehicle needs to be created for them to do so, like short counter points on Youtube etc.. This is a war between extremists and moderates. History shows as the extremists start to lose, they become more extreme before fading into history. Many converts to their cause from the west are well educated and come from good homes, but have been brainwashed. They need to be exposed to a better more civilized point of view.

  2. david7134 says:

    Yea man, and we can give them a job like the nut job from the state department said and then everything will, like, be ok.

    Try this on for size, we have been dealing with this so called religion for about 100 years in recent times and more than 1000 years in real time and in that entire period they have been a major pain in the ass. The crusades were initiated to try to contain them and that barely succeeded. We need a modern day resolution to come to grips with the fact that the average belief system by the “moderate” Muslims is the same as the KKK and other subversive organizations that we have outlawed. Why do I have to go through the TSA faux security show when we all know that Islam is the only organization that gets its rock off killing innocent people for no reason? We need to do the same thing to Islam as we did to the Japanese, Germans and Italians in WWII.

  3. Phil Taylor says:

    Dear David:

    Thank you for your great comments! What you are proposing is a kind of “war measures act.” This I think is the real intent of
    Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. To keep the real radicals isolated from society. I think your solution would work if that was expanded. However, there is the down side to consider. Who decides who gets detained and for what. I do not believe in Climate Change, and there are certainly people who think I need to be detained, based on they think my ideas will lead to the ultimate death of future generations.

    The Japanese, Germans and Italians in WWII had their rights thwarted as it was decided our security outweighted their rights. I think it is generally considered now that this was not the best idea, as many were more American than Japanese, Germans or Italian.
    Do you detain people who belong to a group that claims to want to kill, or only those you actually kill or attempt to kill? Your idea may be the last straw solution, but before that I think we need to try loud and assertive opposing points of view shouted from every venue possible. I think that this is the reason that Climate Change supporters are winning the PR battle for the public. Becuase they control the mass media, and Climate Change skeptics are only heard from blogs such as Pirate Cove that only preach to the converted, and do little to pursuade the general public.
    If only the efforts of William Teach reached a wider audience, what an eye opener that would be. I had hoped that the jihadist’s would be a passing phase, but as long as they control the conversation their point of view will continue to brainwash today’s young men and lead them to their deaths.
    I hope your great idea does not come to pass as it will solve the problem ..but will change the society we live in.


  4. Kevin says:

    If we were serious about destroying ISIS, we could do it easily. How? By sanctions. Sanctions always work. “Can you give me an example?”, you ask. YES I can! But I’m very busy right now…

    Alternately, if we’re not willing to go as hardcore as sanctions, we could start a Twitter hastag #waysISISsucks and list examples. That’d probably destroy them too, but it might take a month. Remember, that’s how long it took #bringourgirlsback to work. I think. They gave those girls back, right?

    And of course, if you want to bring out the big guns against ISIS, take it to the UN. A strongly worded letter from them is DEVASTATING!

  5. david7134 says:

    It is like this on the Muslims. I have watched their antics for over 50 years, they just keep getting worse. Westerners try to get along with Islam, they can’t, Islam hates us. That means that your neighbor doesn’t care a flip if you live or die. This attitude is amplified with the extremits. So, we have do do something to the average Muslim. That means making it very inconveint to live in the US and western society. Why am I checked at TSA? Because we do not wish to offend Muslims, well I do. If you check our any country were there are more than 5% Muslims, you will find problems, when they get to 50%, they institute their archeic laws. If we sit around and be nice, they take advantage of it. If we put our foot down, maybe they will change their trashy religion.

  6. david7134 says:

    One other thought. In the matter of changing our society, how can it get much worse? Have you been to the airport and taken a flight? There everyone is treated like a terrorist. Remember the 4th amendment, we are prohibited from taking such actions. We are able to justify that Islam is a rump religion and identify its members and treat them in a different manner. That is what our Constitution allows.

  7. Phil Taylor says:

    Dear David:

    Yes it sure is irratating when you travel by air but to be fair not THAT inconvienient. The American government trys to treat everyone equally even though everyone knows that Muslims are far more likely to be a terroist. That is what makes America great! It is the price we pay for our freedoms that is denied to much of the world. The government cannot ask you what religion you are because in Germany prior to World War II everyone was known to the government by their religion. Then when Jews came into disfavor the government simply rounded them up. That would be hard to do today in America as no one knows for sure your religion. Bill Mahar jokes that the solution is for everyone to convert to Islam (in name only) like we are Christians in name only (most of us), then they would leave our airplanes alone. However, I have noticed that with each wave of immigrants over the last hundred years the local people are worried that their way of life will be changed to resemble the countries that these people came from. But Western society is so appealing that their children become American and many do not even speak their native tongue. At least there is no road blocks everywhere and once you are in America you can travel coast to coast without being stopped and interrogated. There are no state border check points. We are lucky that terroists are so stupid that they can’t think beyond airplanes. Islam hates us because dispite what they say they are envious of us as well as Israel. We are a constant reminder that we are winners and they are losers. I think a massive anti-brainwashing campaign waged against them will convince some of how stupid Islamic fundimentalism is, and convince them to embrace more western ideals. That is what is happening to MOST Muslim immigrants. As for the rest, many are soon to be killed in this upcoming conflict.

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