New Paper Claims Warming Causes Less “Extreme Weather”

What’s the difference between weather and extreme weather? First, extreme weather is a way of increasing anxiety and making a big deal in the news media. Yes, Fox News is just as culpable. Second, it is a way to say that every weather event is much, much, much, OMG WE’RE GOING TO DIE worse now due to “carbon emissions”. The Hockey Schtick runs across this new study

A paper published today in Science contradicts the prior belief that global warming, if it resumes, will fuel more intense storms, finding instead that an increase in water vapor and strengthened hydrological cycle will reduce the atmosphere’s ability to perform thermodynamic Work, thus decreasing the formation of intense winds, storms, and hurricanes. The authors demonstrate instead that if warming resumes

“Although the hydrological cycle may increase in intensity, it does so at the expense of its ability to do work, such as powering large-scale atmospheric circulation or fueling more very intense storms.”The paper adds to many others demonstrating that a warmer climate is a more benign climate with fewer extreme weather events, opposite the claims of climate alarmists. Claims of global warming producing more extreme weather due to “more energy in the system” are refuted by the paper which finds the atmosphere will become “less energetic” and the atmospheric “Carnot engine” will become less efficient at performing Work (such as generating intense winds and storms) due to global warming and a decrease of temperature differentials.

Strange, Warmists are always telling us that a warmer atmosphere fuels more storms and “extreme weather”. Head over and read the whole thing.

And, yes, it is just one paper. Let’s also not forget that the argument is not over warming, but causation. Since Warmists refuse to give up their own fossil fuels use, and go completely carbon neutral, they must not really believe, and instead want to impose their agenda for another reason.

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9 Responses to “New Paper Claims Warming Causes Less “Extreme Weather””

  1. Jeffery says:

    The authors use computer modeling to conclude:

    … in a future climate, the global atmospheric circulation might comprise highly energetic storms due to explosive latent heat release, but in such a case, the constraint on work output identified here will result in fewer numbers of such events.

    Fewer but more highly energetic storms.

    The Theory of AGW states that the Earth is warming from CO2 added to the atmosphere. Skeptics now admit that the Earth is warming but claim the warming results from an as yet undiscovered physical process.

  2. Mark E says:


    Global Warming causes Warming

    But it Also causes Cooling

    And it creates more Severe Weather

    AND it creates Less Severe Weather


  3. jl says:

    “The authors us a computer modeling to conclude..” Modeling is not data, and anyway, with their previous predictions from models so wrong, why use them again? “Skeptics now claim the earth is warming from an as yet undiscovered physical process.” Actually, it goes like this- Warmunists claim that the natural processes that have driven climate change for 4.5 billion years suddenly somehow stopped in 1950 or so, from an as yet undiscovered process. But they think the process is hiding in the ocean- because its never done that before.

  4. Jeffery says:


    You are, of course, quite wrong.

    Climate realists understand that there is no magic and that the Earth’s mean temperature makes wild swings based on physical processes. Like what, you ask? Cyclic changes in the Earth’s orbit and angle to the Sun, cyclic solar changes, continental drift, changes in greenhouse gases, volcanic activity, asteroid strikes etc.

    The last major change in the Earth’s temperature began some 20,000 years ago as the Earth gradually warmed several degrees C over 10,000 years as Earth emerged from the last glacial period. What caused that? Cyclic changes in the Earth’s orbit reinforced by increased atmospheric CO2. That rapid warming period was about 0.5 degree C per 1000 years. The Earth is now warming at over 0.5 degrees C per 100 years! (That’s about 10 times faster now than then).

    So what physical processes are causing this latest major and comparably rapid change in the Earth’s temperature?

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    Little Jeffery spouting more nonsense.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Little downingpuppies afraid to engage in actual debate, and too lazy to actually educate herself on the issues she whines about.

  7. drowningpuppies says:

    But little Jeffery has already claimed that the debate is over and the “science” is “settled”.

    However, there is no clear evidence linking mankind to global “warming”.

    It isn’t there, kid, except in the minds of the anthropogenic protagonists who tend to (ahem) “adjust” actual observable data to fit their computer models.

  8. Jeffery says:

    Littlepuppies ignores the evidence.

    Is the Earth warming? Yes, rapidly in a geologic sense.

    Is man’s burning of fossil fuels adding CO2 to the atmosphere? Yes, the entire increase in the past century is from fossil fuels.

    Does CO2 cause the Earth to warm? Yes, the greenhouse effect is “settled” science for a century or so.

    Is there another reason for warming? No, not that anyone has been able to present evidence to support.

    In fact, there is no evidence refuting the theory of AGW.

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