Phew: Pharrell Williams Is Super Concerned Over Hotcoldwetdry, Happy About Gore’s Planned Concerts

Thank goodness Happy singer Pharrell Williams decided to stay home and make his presentation via the Internet…oh, wait

Pharrell Williams wants everyone to pay attention to climate change

Global warming, with its slow pace of destruction, arcane scientific explanations, and complex policymaking, isn’t the sexiest subject for pop culture to take on. Pharrell Williams, who brought us the catchiest, and possibly most overplayed song of this generation—Happy—wants to change that.

Speaking from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Williams, along with former vice-president-turned-environmental-activist Al Gore, unveiled plans to stage Live Earth, a huge, global event to raise awareness about the devastating effects of climate change. The concert, which the duo hope will be the biggest of its kind in history, will be held on six continents on June 18 and feature 100 artists. They say it will reach an audience of 2 billion via 193 broadcasters.

I wonder if he flew commercial, or was one of those who took a fossil fueled private jet?

As for Gore’s Live Earth, remember when he last tried that, and was blasted, even by some performers, for the hypocrisy of the massive energy sucking performances, which also required vast amounts of fossil fuels to get the performers to the concerts, as well as the attendees? Of course, and as usual, Warmists say we should ignore the hypocrisy and focus on the message. And what is the message? That Everyone Else should should cut down on their fossil fuels usage, their energy usage, and their carbon footprint. Weird, eh?

I know the theme of hypocrisy can get tedious, as is mentioning yet again that the Warmists are still pushing “spreading awareness” after over 25 years, but, these are important issues that can not be stressed enough to understand the idiocy of the “climate change” movement.

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2 Responses to “Phew: Pharrell Williams Is Super Concerned Over Hotcoldwetdry, Happy About Gore’s Planned Concerts”

  1. John says:

    Well actually longer than 25 years
    Margery Thatcher and Reagan were both aware of greenhouse gases trapping infrared radiation

  2. Deserttrek says:

    yawn ….. and the revisionist history about Reagan … ha ha ha ha ha ha

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