Say, Why Is There So Little Action On Hotcoldwetdry?

I have my own ideas, which I am sure you can figure out (cough Climahypocrisy cough)

Why is there so little action on climate change?

Are there new ways to engage the public in mass action to reduce global warming, or should we focus on adapting to the inevitable?

Yeah. Warmists should act like they are scared by practicing what….well, you know. Anyhow, blah blah blah in the article, till

Nevertheless, both protagonists agree that the current trajectory of carbon dioxide emissions makes it impossible to stop climate change from taking humanity into uncharted territory. So what’s to be done?

For Marshall, the key is “to create as large a public base of awareness and engagement as possible. First off, people have to accept that the issue exists at all.” Foster responded by saying that global warming itself is the only thing that will do this: “the agent of getting a widely held social belief in climate change… will be climate change”.

Not really. The argument is not about warming, but causation. Since Warmists think that it is caused mostly by “carbon pollution”, they should give up fossil fuels and ….. well, you know.

Foster has a different view. “Rather than climate change,” he offered, “maybe we need to look at this as peak hubris. A lot of what is happening is the unraveling of the hubristic human ambition to manage and control everything. You can see it in terms not just of climate and peak oil, but supra-national states and organizations that are too big for humans to handle, and financial systems that are too big to fail but fail nonetheless.”

He’s a proponent of what he calls “human re-wilding.” “This is not about trying to reinvent ourselves as indigenous people, but finding a way of unlocking ourselves from our futile, escapist and destructive progressivism.”

Ever notice that Warmists so often take a position of destroying everything that Mankind has achieved, knocking humanity back thousands of years? Well, for Other People, of course. They never give up their own big carbon…well, you know. Of course, it is easy for Warmists, mostly 1st Worlders with nothing better to do, who live in nice homes, have comfortable jobs, can run down to the store for food, turn a faucet for water, flip a switch for electricity, etc.

None of the ideas offered within the article, especially by Marshall, move beyond the typical “spreading awareness” and brainwashing.

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2 Responses to “Say, Why Is There So Little Action On Hotcoldwetdry?”

  1. john says:

    If the argument is not about warming does that mean that your most coomon post about the PAUSE is no defunct?
    Teach why do you think it is warming now?

  2. Hank_M says:

    Why so little action? Because the vast majority of people recognize this as the ultimate left wing con. It has everything the left covets.
    Dire predictions about the future.
    Everyone is to blame.
    Only those “enlightened” will be able to save us, if…
    we give up more wealth and control of our lives. This is the real attraction – there’s fortunes to be made frightening and controlling the population.
    And the best part for the climate change cultists? The problem can never be solved.

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