Next Charlie Hebdo Edition To Feature Mohammed Cover

Sadly, neither the NY Times nor Fox News actually feature the cover in their articles. Nor does CNN (for some reason the article is in the money section). Nor the UK Telegraph. The USA Today is one of the few brave outlets to show the new cover

The latest issue of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, published by survivors of last week’s deadly terror attack, features a cover cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed holding a sign that says “Je suis Charlie,” an echo of the slogan of support for freedom of speech that spread across the globe after the tragedy.

The news agency Agence France-Presse on Monday distributed a copy of the new cover, which carries a caption that reads “Tout est pardonne,” which translates into English as all is forgiven.

USA TODAY traditionally does not show images of Mohammed to avoid offending Muslim readers. But the magazine cover has enough news value to warrant its publication in this case.

Huh. Do they have the same policy regarding publishing images that offend readers of different faiths and beliefs? Oh, right, paper doesn’t have to be worried about serious and significant threats of violence from those others.

Of course, the cover photo cannot be hosted on my Photobucket account, because it would be quickly whacked, like any others, despite being a paid account and hidden behind a passwords.

Remaining Charlie Hebdo staff on Tuesday said an unprecedented run of 3 million copies of the next issue Wednesday were planned. “Three million people will have Mohammed’s, the prophet’s drawing, at home,” Zineb El Rhazoui, a columnist for the newspaper, told the BBC. The remaining staff previously said that a million copied would be published.

“We will not give in. The spirit of ‘I am Charlie’ means the right to blaspheme,” lawyer Richard Malka told France Info radio.

The press run is a huge jump from the normal circulation of 60,000 copies and reflects the strong outpouring of support from the public, including a show of solidarity by 1.5 million people in central Paris on Sunday.

BTW, good for far left sites Talking Points Memo and Gawker for including the photo in their articles.

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2 Responses to “Next Charlie Hebdo Edition To Feature Mohammed Cover”

  1. john says:

    The head of the uber christian American Family Association said on radio that the Charlie attack may have been caused by Charlie blaspheming against the christian god

  2. Who would that be, John? Not finding any links via google. Anyhow, nice deflection.

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