Hey, Obama Didn’t Go To France, But He Did Sign Condolence Book!

Poor Marie Harf, she was today’s sacrificial lamb sent to slaughter, and she didn’t like it very much

(National Review)  Looks like somebody forgot to pass State Department deputy press secretary Marie Harf the memo.

As White House press secretary Josh Earnest ate crow over the Obama administration’s failure to send a high-ranking official to Sunday’s massive anti-terror march in Paris, Harf remained defiant in the face of similar questions from the State Department press corps.

Exhausted by a series of questions on the absence of President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and even Attorney General Eric Holder — who was in Paris the day of the march — Harf lashed out at the State Department press corps.

“I would like to see how many minutes we spend on Boko Haram compared to a march, I just want to point that out to people,” she said testily, referencing an attack by the Islamic terror group that killed thousands in Nigeria last week. “I know, I know. I’m just pointing it out. Making it a little commentary there.”

Say, Marie, what’s going on with that #BringOurGirlsBack movement? How has the O administration helped?

“There are more ways than just this march to show our solidarity with the French,” she insisted. “And I think that’s what I would underscore . . . It is not the only way to show solidarity. And the secretary certainly would’ve been there if he could, and he’s looking forward to going there on Thursday.”

At around the 1:05 mark she mentions that Obama (and Kerry) went to the French embassy to sign the condolence books. He did. Thursday evening. A 3.4 mile drive. He can get on a plane and fly to Vegas for a fundraiser the day after the US consulate and CIA annex where attacked in Libya, where American citizens, including our Ambassador, were killed, yet can’t fly to France with multiple days notice, nor even send a high ranking official. But, hey, he took 30 minutes out of his day to sign a book.

It’s probably a Bad Idea to get snippy with a member of the French press, as well.

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3 Responses to “Hey, Obama Didn’t Go To France, But He Did Sign Condolence Book!”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Love it when the Tri Delt Valley Girl spokeschick reveals that Kerry like totally spoke to the French in French.
    Comedy gold.

  2. John says:

    Teach please list the conservative American politicians that attended please tell us that your fav GOP nominee attended
    Our Ambassador attended
    The White House admitted it made a mistake which GOP politicians also admitted a mistake in not going ?

  3. john says:

    Teach Obama has repeatedly offered Nigeria help That new christian president they have there has refused

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