Racist California Requires Illegals To Provide Documents To Obtain A Drivers License

“Show us your papers”, sneered the racist state

(AP) While tens of thousands of immigrants living in the United States illegally are preparing to apply for a long-sought driver’s license in California starting Jan. 2, others are being urged to think twice.

Immigrant advocates say the vast majority should be able to get licenses without trouble, but they want anyone who previously obtained a driver’s license under a false name or someone else’s Social Security number to speak first with a lawyer, fearing a new application could trigger a fraud investigation.

The same applies to immigrants with a prior deportation order or criminal record because federal immigration officials and law enforcement can access Department of Motor Vehicles data during an investigation.

It would seem that every single one of them broke the law, either by coming to the country illegally or overstaying their visas.

The nation’s most populous state is preparing to start issuing driver’s licenses to immigrants in the country illegally in a bid to make the roads safer and ease fears for more than a million people. California’s program eclipses the scope and scale of those approved in nine other states, including Nevada, Colorado and Illinois.

I’ve never understood how giving a license to someone makes the roads safer. Lots of illegals already drive, and most probably drive more carefully knowing they have no license. Besides, can they even read the road signs? Will they be required to take the DL test in English (no, because California allows it in Spanish, despite most road signs being in English)?

Like other applicants, immigrants will need to prove their identity and residency in the state. Those who don’t have a passport or consular identification card on a pre-approved list can submit other documents for review by a DMV investigator to see if they qualify.

Isn’t it racist to require identification? To show their papers? That’s what we’ve been told about Arizona’s illegal alien law, along with others. And for voting. One of the ID’s that may be used to obtain the DL is the Mexican “consular ID known as a Matricula Consular, which the FBI has said is one of the most insecure documents in existence.”

Just to be clear, the DLs will be special

The license looks no different from other California driver’s licenses but features two notable exceptions: The front includes the phrase “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY,” and the back states: “This card is not acceptable for official federal purposes. This license is issued only as a license to drive a motor vehicle. It does not establish eligibility for employment, voter registration, or public benefits.”

We can surely expect pro-illegal alien activists to whine about that last part, and start pushing for employment, voter registration, and public benefits within a few months of obtaining the DLs.

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One Response to “Racist California Requires Illegals To Provide Documents To Obtain A Drivers License”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Driving a vehicle in the US is a privilege controlled by the states. It’s an important privilege, but not a right. Voting is a right.

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