Apparently, Feminism Is All About The Boobs, As FEMEN Tries To Steal Baby Jesus Statue

Feminists tell us, typically rather forcefully, that women are more than just T&A, more than just a pretty face, more than just attention seekers, yet, strangely, hardcore feminists sure seem to like showing their naked boobs and making a scene

(AP) The Vatican has arrested the Femen activist who on Christmas Day bared her chest and snatched the statue of Baby Jesus in the life-size Nativity scene in the center of St. Peter’s Square, a spokesman said Friday, emphasizing that the protest insulted the faithful gathered to celebrate Christmas.

Ukrainian activist Yana Zhdanova was being held for questioning, with possible charges including carrying out obscene acts in public, insults and theft.

A topless Zhdanova grabbed the Baby Jesus statue about an hour after the pope offered his Christmas blessing Thursday. A Vatican guard immediately covered her with his cape and detained her, while Zhdanova, still clutching the figure, shouted “God is woman.”

Nothing says “respect women” like running around the Vatican with your naked boobs on display while hurling insults, stealing, and obscene public acts.

Zhadanova apparently did this because “abortion is sacred“. She looks pretty angry, too (FYI, lots of naked boobs). And this is all about Femen vs The Vatican, and it’s historic, you guys!

A historical trial is about to happen: FEMEN activist Iana Zhdanova who kidnaped the baby Jesus on the christmas day is held in Vatican custody and is about to be judged by the Vatican trial for offending feelings of religious people.
It’s not the first time that Vatican has to face FEMEN’s attack, and it’s not the last time neither. Catholic church had been opressing women for centuries and it’s the time came for feminists to speak out!
You can try to shut our mouth, you can try to sue us, to jail us, but you will never stop our ideas!
Freedom to the prisoner of Vatican! Freedom to Iana!

Apparently, Femen is unfamiliar with spell check. Though they are great at showing their boobs.

They should try their schtick in the Middle East, or at a mosque, see how that goes.

Anyhow, Femen’s website if chock full of these babes topless. So, I guess the takeaway is that women are all about naked boobs.

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2 Responses to “Apparently, Feminism Is All About The Boobs, As FEMEN Tries To Steal Baby Jesus Statue”

  1. david7134 says:

    This is just like the 60’s. Then the women were going around burning their bras. We cheered them on.

  2. Jl says:

    Surely the liberals next mantra will be “the war on Christianity!”

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