Tribal Raid In Peru May Be Related To Hotcoldwetdry

Seriously, wait for it. This is how bat guano insane Warmists have become, enough so that I’m actually blogging this on Christmas

Raid on Peru village by uncontacted tribe may be related to climate change

A Peruvian official said climate change has triggered temperature drops which may have disrupted the uncontacted tribe

Wait, what?

Climate change may be forcing increasingly large groups of uncontacted tribes out of Peru’s Amazon, officials said as advocates for the tribes reported that riverboats were sent to evacuate a remote village after a raid by members of an uncontacted tribe.

A group of about 200 men from the uncontacted Mashco-Piro tribe, armed with bows and arrows, arrived in the community of Monte Salvado on Thursday, according to Survival International, an indigenous rights group. The men raided the village, taking weapons and destroying the homes.

Here we go

Balbuena said climate change may have triggered the latest incident, as it has caused abrupt drops in temperatures in that area of the southeast Amazon.

Farmers in other areas of Peru have echoed concerns about colder-than-usual temperatures. During the latest climate change conference, or COP20, held in Lima this month, indigenous communities living in the Andes Mountains said global warming is threatening the biodiversity they have worked so hard to protect.

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5 Responses to “Tribal Raid In Peru May Be Related To Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. Blick says:

    The Noble Savage, untouched by evil civilization, could not be motivated like all other humans — greed for riches, weapons, technology; ie safety and easier life. It has to be climate change that disrupts their Utopian existence, forcing them to attack evil intruders. (Wow, once you accept Hotcoldwetdry as your world view, the college term papers just write themselves.)

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  3. john says:

    Blick is a real expert with a huge amount of first hand knowledge about this

  4. “…indigenous communities living in the Andes Mountains said global warming is threatening the biodiversity they have worked so hard to protect.”

    That smells so bad I am surprised the paint didni’t come off the walls of my study.
    The level of self-delusion needed to write that clap-trap is so high…
    It’s so high that neither Cheech, nor Chong, is able to reach it.

  5. Blick says:

    John is a real expert on Blick’s expertise.

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