Grist Provides More Climate Change Christmas Carols

And they are as depressing and insane as you’d expect from a cult fascinated with doom, who love using special occasions as a means to spread their cult in a manner more annoying than a Jehovah’s Witness badgering you at the airport

We wrote (and sang!) these climate apocalypse holiday carols just for you

Getting sick of all the holiday cheer? Want to stick it to your climate-change-denying relatives and celebrate our impending doom this season? The Grist Family Singers are here to help.

Because nothing says “hey, how can I get you to believe me?” like being a jerk at Christmas time.

Away in the Climate Apocalypse Future

Away in the future most species are dead
There’s still some poor humans, their hearts filled with dread
If typhoons and cyclones don’t blow them away
In simmering acidic seas they’ll decay.

That one continues on for a bit. Then we have

Violent Night

Silent night, seems all right
Seas are calm, stars shine bright
Carbon spewing from smokestacks like wild
Just an illusion, this climate so mild
Sleep in ignorant peace
Sleep while there’s still peace.

Which also continues on. You’re welcome to hit the link and read the rest of the bat guano insanity, as well as a video of the wankers singing the songs.

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3 Responses to “Grist Provides More Climate Change Christmas Carols”

  1. Deserttrek says:

    i was banned from commenting on the grist after i dared question the extreme panic and hand wringing going on there ….. was fun while it lasted

  2. John says:

    You probably hated Mad Magazine also

  3. Same here, Deserttrek, and for asking inconvenient questions. Sadly, they’ve blocked so many commenters that their comments are barely there.

    What the hell are you yammering about now, John? What does Mad have to do with this at all? Anyhow, no, I don’t read it anymore. I’m an adult.

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