Holiday Meal Comas And Climate Change Are Apparently A Big Thing

This is actually an interesting article. How does climate change fit in?

Holiday Meals, the Food Coma and Climate Change

You know that warm, cozy, sleepy feeling you get after an over-sized meal shared with too many friends and family to fit around a single table? It’s some gossip to share in the kitchen, but I will never know the truth of it. My compulsion is to doze off on the couch between two over-stuffed uncles watching the game, where I’m lulled into the safety of sleep by vague murmurs and laughter from the kitchen and the drone of the TV. The post-holiday dinner coma is a comforting part of a familiar holiday tradition. What could possibly be wrong?

Humans need air that contains at least 20 percent oxygen. Lucky for us, nature has provided us with 21 percent. The main ingredient in air (78 percent) is nitrogen, and the remaining 1 percent is spice in the soup. Mess with the spice, and you ruin the entire meal! The mechanism for removing excess nitrogen from our bodies is through urine, but there is no such efficient biological mechanism for removing most airborne poisons that may be contained in that surprisingly important 1 percent. When CO2 concentration in the air we inhale reaches about 0.12 percent, many of us will start to feel sleepy and maybe head-achy. Not a health risk, but you won’t be functioning at your best. I’ve measured CO2 levels in meeting rooms and school classrooms in excess of .3 percent, eight times higher than normal! Ever wonder why some meetings put you to sleep? Or why your kids are wet noodles when they come home from school? It might not be the presenter’s fault, open a window and let in some fresh air!

This can cause that food coma where we all get sleepy, so opening up some windows can reduce the CO2 content.

The air we breathe is a delicate mix that is easily thrown off balance. Very small changes in its composition can dramatically affect our health, how we think, feel, and behave. Global warming aside, atmospheric CO2 is a pollutant, levels are rising, and our bodies are reacting along with the planet. We are like lobsters that have been thrown into a pot of cold water on the stove top. The heat is on, and we can feel something slowly changing. How long before we start clamoring to get out of the pot?

Good grief. Climarettes strikes again. Warmists just can’t help themselves when it comes to including their pet cult in everything. What should be a good article explaining how the buildup of CO2 within our homes and workplaces turns into a whiny screed on “climate change”.

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One Response to “Holiday Meal Comas And Climate Change Are Apparently A Big Thing”

  1. Jeffery says:

    It’s not too difficult to calculate the resulting CO2 concentration from burning all the fossil fuel remaining on/in Earth. It’s about 1400 ppm. Climate scientists and physiologists rarely talk about the direct effects of CO2 on human health and behavior, but it is a genuine concern.

    The U.S. EPA recommends a maximum concentration of CO2 of 1000 ppm for continuous exposure.

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