Bishops In Peru Issue Call On Hotcoldwetdry

Perhaps they should have started by recognizing the huge amount of money ($45 million) to hold COP20, not to mention all the  money spent for those over 10k people to fly in,  along with all the fossil fueled “carbon pollution”

( Catholic bishops from around the world issued an urgent call Saturday for greater action to combat global warming and reduce “climate injustice.”

Religious leaders of all faiths should work together “to work sustainable agreements to promote the care of our planet,” the clergy members said in a statement issued by the Episcopal Conference of Peru in Lima.

“Climate change creates poverty and leads to an increase in injustice.”

Know what works great to move people out of poverty? Inexpensive,  affordable, reliable, and obtainable power.

Know what doesn’t help? Overbearing government with increasingly more power, taking more money from the people, and artificially raising the cost of living.

anyhow,  I’m guessing there was no poverty during the Little Ice Age and Dark Ages, right?

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