Did You Know That COP20 Was Happening?

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, where 10,000 fossil fuels haters take fossil fueled flights and vehicles to a UN IPCC meeting, called the Conference on the Parties, to tell Everyone Else that fossil fuels are bad and must be restricted. This year, the 20th edition of yammering and a nice taxpayer funded working vacation, is in Lima, Peru. Fortunately for the Warmists, the Gore Effect doesn’t appear to be in play, at least for the next 5 days, where the daily temperatures will be within the area of normal averages. The UK Telegraph provides a helpful explanation for dummies, which is good, because Warmists are truly non-thinking fools

What’s happening in Lima?

Delegates from 190 countries are meeting for the annual United Nations talks on tackling climate change, and this year’s host city is the Peruvian capital Lima. The two-week meeting, which began Dec 1, is intended to draft a global deal on cutting carbon emissions in order to prevent dangerous extremes of global warming.

Were you even aware that this was going on? It’s barely been mentioned in the news.

Who’s there?

More than 12,500 people have now registered to attend, although not all of them are expected to actually turn up. Nearly 7,000 are from Governments, including an estimated 40 officials from the UK. Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey and minister Amber Rudd were both due to attend the second week of negotiations, but it emerged on Sunday that Ms Rudd would no longer do so after apparently being barred by chief whip Michael Gove. More than 3,500 NGO delegates have also registered, plus about 1,000 journalists and 1,000 representatives from various UN, intergovernmental and other agencies.

How much “carbon pollution” did they release to show up?

Will Lima result in a deal?

No. A deal isn’t due to actually be signed until next year’s summit, in Paris. There’s no guarantee of a deal then either – in Copenhagen in 2009 a summit ended without satisfactory agreement. And even if there is a deal in Paris, few people think it will be drastic enough to keep the world to within 2C warming.

So, this is essentially yammer?

So what’s the point of Lima?

The Lima meeting is intended to try to make sure Paris isn’t a repeat of Copenhagen by doing a lot of the groundwork, in particular agreeing key parameters over the shape of a deal. The idea is that countries will all make individual pledges early next year setting out what action they will take, so they they can be improved upon and finalised in Paris. Lima is supposed to define the kinds of information those pledges entail to ensure they are meaningful and comparable.

And that right there, my friends, is a big reason to make sure that Republicans keep the Senate for the 2016 election cycle. Getting the White House is damned important, but the Senate is the only body that can approve a treaty, and that is what this will be.

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