Good News: Global Warming To Make Increased Cold Outbreaks

Because there is nothing that you driving a fossil fueled vehicle, using a hair dryer, and owning a pet doesn’t cause

As the climate warms, it could actually be generating more cold outbreaks in the USA. Here’s how

GLOBAL warming could be making parts of the world colder. Yes, you read that right. Here’s why this is not a crazy thing to say. (no, it’s still pretty much bat guano insane)

There’s a strong outbreak of cold weather across parts of the United States this week. It’s similar in some ways to last year’s so-called polar vortex — that conveyor belt of frigid Arctic air which parked itself on top of large parts of the United States, bringing bitter cold for days.

This week’s cold outbreak is much weaker, but it’s again making people question the widely accepted narrative of global warming.

The sceptic’s logic train is understandable: if it’s so damn cold, how can the world be warming?

No, that’s not the question we ask. The question is “if CO2 is the main driver of warming, far and above anything else, as Climatists state uncategorically, then how is it that we’ve had no statistically significant warming for 18+ years, and keep having these massive cold snaps?” We also also ask of Warmists “what they hell have you been mainlining to come up with this mularky that cold is caused by warming?” Oh, they have an answer

Time magazine did a fair job of explaining all that earlier this year. We paraphrase a little here, but here’s how their theory works in regards to the polar vortex:

1. Sea ice is vanishing from the Arctic, which leaves behind dark open ocean water.

2. That water absorbs more of the heat from the sun than reflective ice.

3. Relatively warmer water is the main reason the Arctic is warming much faster than the rest of the planet.

4. As the temperature difference between the polar north and more temperate latitudes diminishes, a band of high-level strong winds called the “jet stream” weakens.

5. For want of a more technical description, the jet stream kind of holds all the weather systems in place. Most of the time it keeps the cold stuff north and the warm stuff south.

6. But a weakened jet stream can develop what Time calls “kinks”. Time reportedthat an unusually large kink in the jet stream was what allowed all that Arctic air to flow much further south than normal during the polar vortex.

We used to just call it “winter”. We used to think that things like this could be caused by cooling as part of a natural cycle, which could be short term, or a longer term development. Now these nutjobs think that warming is causing cold.

Seriously, this schtick has already been debunked (for instance, this paper). NASA data shows that polar vortexes are linked to previous frigid winters. Some Warmists have taken to calling it bombogenesis. And only 8 states will avoid the massive frigid air. Warmists are nuts.

BTW, this may be the coldest November in 50 years. Back when the “climate scientists” and leftist media were predicting doom from a coming ice age. Which will, as seen above, be blamed on “climate change”.

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3 Responses to “Good News: Global Warming To Make Increased Cold Outbreaks”

  1. Jeffery says:


    You’re embarrassing yourself with these sorts of ignorant posts.

    Your links were not to a paper or NASA data, but to the Hockey Schmuck and the Heartless Institute, respectively. Neither site can be trusted. The paper that the Hockey Schmuck DID link said this in their abstract,

    No significant decrease in planetary-scale wave phase speeds are found except in October-November-December…

    The Heartless Institute did not cite where they obtained their information.

    The icing on the cake was your link to the hapless Joe Bastardi.

  2. Kevin says:

    I have a definitive model that predicts that global warming causes [insert whatever unexpected weather pattern emerges this winter here], and it further predicts that we will all die from global warming unless we pay a tax. This tax will, according to the model, fix the problem even though it will mostly be spent on jet fuel to shuttle the tax collectors around to make speeches and such.

    It’s a complicated model. I can’t give out the source code. Security and all…

  3. PapaMAS says:

    Oh, hey! Time magazine explained it! Well, that’s good enough for me. Just like when Newspeak, err, Newsweek, told us we are all socialists now. Get with the program, climate change deniers!

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