Good News: Warmist Naomi Klein Isn’t One Of Those Nasty, Mean, Self-Righteous Lefties

Naomi Klein is releasing her book This Changes Everything on September 16th, a tome about “climate change” which calls for a completely different economic system in order to fix Hotcoldwetdry. Though, of course, she’s using our current economic system to make some quick cash off the book sales. If this was so important, one would think she’d give the book away, instead of $22.39 for hardcover and $12.99 Kindle edition. Anyone, this paragraph in the Vogue article amused the heck out out of me

Because such words put Klein far to the left by American (if not global) standards, one might easily imagine her as some sort of cliché radical—earnest, smugly righteous, out of touch with ordinary people and their pleasures. Yet in person, she’s the opposite—warm, funny, down-to-earth, unobtrusively stylish. Although she may be the world’s most famous critic of consumerism, she understands the joys of shopping. At an appearance in London, somebody asked her to name one thing she liked about capitalism. She instantly replied, “The shoes.”

So, unlike most Lefties, she’s nice, rather than an asshole. Good to know.

BTW, for all her harping about fossil fuels and evil fossil fuel companies in the article, and elsewhere, we learn


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