New Republic: Officer Wilson Is Guilty Till Proven Innocent

This is Liberal World, per to Yishai Schwartz

Convicting Darren Wilson Will Be Basically Impossible


We may never know what actually happened during the violent encounter between teenager Michael Brown and policeman Darren Wilson. But legal judgments rarely happen with perfect knowledge and absolute certainty. In their place, we rely on presumptions and standards that guide our thinking and discipline our judgments. In general, we presume innocence. But when we know that a killing has occurred and can definitively identify who committed the act, traditional common law demanded that our presumptions shift. We are supposed to presume guilt, and it is the shooter who must prove that his actions were justified. Unless the shooter is a policeman. And unless the victim is a black male. And unless the shooting happens in a state with self-defense laws like Missouri.

As American Spectator’s Aaron Goldstein notes, this could have easily have the same affect regarding self defense in Massachusetts as Missouri.

Anyhow, Liberals immediately did presume guilt of Officer Wilson. They jumped to the conclusion, and as the days wear on, that kneejerk reaction is backfiring, as liberal kneejerks so often do. There are certain elements, groups, and people of which liberals will always think the worse. Why? Politics, pure and simple. Everything is viewed in the hardcore liberal/Progressive bubble. Imagine had Michael Brown been wearing a shirt with a Gadsden flag on it. Think there would be the same hullabaloo from liberals? Would they have immediately deemed the Black man at fault?

Justice is not blind with the Left.

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