Beware The Climate Dragon Or Something

Is this going to be some sort of Warmists meme? Ten days ago we learned that we are f*cked by the climate dragon. Now we get

Beware the dragon of runaway climate change

In news footage of recent tsunamis there are moments when the astonishment of gaping beachgoers and onlookers turns to terror as they finally realise they will be engulfed and are about to die.

I’m going to skip all the hyperventilating, over the top, doom and gloom bloviation, regarding the methane blowholes in Russia, and skip to the end

Meanwhile, every tonne of coal and gas we dig up and export or burn helps to unleash the dragon’s breath. Stoking the risk of runaway climate change is, in reality, now Australia’s official national policy.

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3 Responses to “Beware The Climate Dragon Or Something”

  1. This information is worth everyone’s attention. How
    can I find out more?

  2. Blick says:

    Dragon’s breath is not CO2, any 10 year old boy knows that. CO2 wont burn. Methane is dragon’s breath. How unscientific can warmists get? They don’t know any thing about Dragonology. Sheesh.

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