Climate Change Is Like A WMD Or Something

Uh huh

(AFP) Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga likened the impact of climate change on Pacific island nations to “a weapon of mass destruction” Friday, saying strong global leadership on the issue was needed.

Sopoaga said a UN-sponsored summit on climate change in New York next month was a chance to set the scene for real progress in the quest to seal a global pact on greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2015.

Otherwise, the people of his low-lying country would be left dying as nations continued to debate what course of action to take, he said.

“We are caught in the middle, effectively, in Tuvalu. We are very, very worried,” Sopoaga told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“We are already suffering. It’s already like a weapon of mass destruction and the indications are all there… we only need to garner strong collective leadership to address this.

The only problem is that the sea rise is, by most measures, at or below normal. Skeptical Science wants to claim 5.1mm per year increase. After massive data manipulation, of course. And the same post shows that in the broader area there is no real sea level rise of significance. But, then we see other data which shows virtually no sea rise from 1985-2001, and we see no rise from 2000-2012, with an actual dip of 2mm a year from 2006 forward. If we look at the Seaframe gauge, well, nothing.

I mean, it couldn’t possibly be that Tuvalu is suffering from overpopulation, diminishing resources, and a shortage of freshwater, plus poo infested waters, could it? It’s getting harder and harder to see these climate change believers as anything other than hysterical clowns.

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