So, How Do You Talk About Climate Change So People Listen?

Yet another article about talking, spreading awareness. Sadly, it doesn’t delve into how to convince Warmists that they are hysterical hypocrites, more interested in pushing Progressive politics in a cultish manner

How to Talk About Climate Change So People Will Listen

Environmentalists warn us that apocalypse awaits. Economists tell us that minimal fixes will get us through. Here’s how we can move beyond the impasse.

Quite frankly, I’d start out by writing a 4 page article, which spends most of the 1st page reinforcing the doom and gloom mantra by Warmists. I do enjoy the accompanying photo, though

Activist led by Bill McKibben, the founder of, protest the building of the Keystone XL pipeline at the White House, February 2013. (AP)

They look cold. Anyhow, on to page 2. Perhaps there will be some ideas on how to convince me of doom and gloom (even though I used to be a Warmists, till I learned the reality)

Rising temperatures per se are not the primary concern. What matters most is their future influence on other things: agricultural productivity, sea levels, storm frequency, infectious disease.

OK, so rising temps don’t matter anymore. Huh.. And, those things from the warming haven’t happened yet. But, hey, the crystal ball says they will. Anyhow, nothing really on page 2, let’s head to page 3.

Nope. Page 4, hopefully?


The article is more about digging into why climate change hysteric talking points have failed, because they are too technical, too looking into the future, to unhinged.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you want to convince me of the proof of your convictions, you will practice what you preach. I don’t expect perfection. Man is imperfect, but I would expect Warmists to at least try. Climahypocrisy was one of the main reasons for my conversion from a Warmist to a Skeptic. Why should I believe what they are selling if they won’t practice what they preach, and especially since the leaders are the worst offenders?

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