Sharyl Attkinson: Things Would Be Much Different If Watergate Happened Today

How so?

(Mediaite) On This Week Not with George Stephanopoulos, former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkinson said that journalists today were more hindered, and politicians more emboldened, than they were in the days of Woodward and Bernstein.

“I think that we’ve gone backwards since that time when we really felt empowered as journalists,” Attkinson said.

The video comes from the Daily Caller, which goes on to add linky love to Attkinson’s comments

“Nixon would basically refuse to turn over tapes to Congress,” she continued. “His aides would refuse to testify to Congress, or would take the Fifth, or would lie to Congress with a fair amount of impunity. Woodward and Bernstein would be controversialized on social media by special and political interests who use Facebook accounts.”

“And then at the end,” Attkisson declared. “Nixon would go on a popular late-night comedy show, during which time he would humorously refer to his attackers who were political witch-hunters who believe in Area 51-type conspiracies.”

Missing is that most of the media would take Nixon’s side, doing all they can to protecting him. They would be protecting him. Well, if he had a D after his name, of course.

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One Response to “Sharyl Attkinson: Things Would Be Much Different If Watergate Happened Today”

  1. acethepug says:

    It’s not wrong, and the other “pundits” on the panel completely missed the whole point, that they are a large part of the problem.

    The Media didn’t get Nixon elected (twice). The Media didn’t lie for, cover for, and generally serve as Nixon’s Praetorian Guard.

    The Media HATED Nixon, and never missed a chance to attack him.

    As bad as Obama and the Democratic Party are for America, as bad as a horrifically ignorant and incurious public is for America, an actively-deceptive and criminally complicit Media is just as bad, if not worse.

    Obama would never have been elected if not for the same Media that covers for him now. Nixon was elected in essence DESPITE the Media, not because of it.

    Still, a great post and a great point.

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