Pro-Terrorist Activists March On UN In Protest Of Israel

Obviously, all the news outlets (most of whom are a citing this same AP article), are calling them “pro-Palestinian”. At the end of the day, though, they are supporters of the terrorist groups in Gaza, like Hamas, and want the destruction of Israel

(AP) A sea of Palestinians and their sympathizers lined Manhattan streets Saturday, marching to the United Nations and shouting that Israel’s response to missile attacks was genocide that took children’s lives.

“What they’re doing is wrong,” said Ayia Mustafa, 12, of the New York borough of Bronx. “I’m here to protest what’s going on in Gaza. What’s going on is wrong — bad things like killing children.”

She was among about 500 demonstrators who walked to the United Nations on Manhattan’s East Side after gathering behind police barricades off Columbus Circle to protest Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas, which the United States and other countries consider a terrorist organization, governs much of Gaza.

It’s very easy to protest here in the United States. Heck, it is ingrained in the 1st Amendment, as long as it is peaceable. They should try going to Gaza and see what happens if they protest against Hamas launching rockets towards Israel’s civilian population, which sometimes land short and kill Gazans. Not that these anti-Semites would protest in that manner, but Hamas would put them down if they did.

Maybe they could protest Hamas using women and children as human shields. Much of the protest centered around children being killed in Gaza. Children put in harm’s way by Hamas.

Heck, the woman in the shorts, one of many dressed inappropriately according to Islamic law, should try walking around Gaza like that.

Mostafa Asadi, an engineer from Philadelphia who came to New York for the protest, said the current violence in the Middle East started more than six decades ago.

“The Zionists took Palestinian land and expelled them in 1948, and now Israel is trying to control the area,” said Asadi, 55, an Iran native who hoisted a sign that said: “Stop the U.S.-Israeli blockade of Gaza.”

“The Israelis are racist,” said Asadi.

I wasn’t aware that one could be racist against your own race. But, then, this is the level of idiocy we have to deal with. Or, is that brainwashing?

Of course, this was all planned by the communist/socialist group ANSWER (hat tip to American Power), which finally found a protest they like, having ignored military action by the US the moment Obama was sworn in. ANSWER also held another pro-Hamas pro-destruction of Israel march in Los Angeles last weekend.

The Times Of Israel also noted the protest, using the same AP article, and someone notes in the comments

these protesters – everywhere – Such Simpletons. Stop the Occupation. Free Palestine! SImpletons. Free Palestine …. then what?? More grievances, more grievances, endless grievances. More rockets, more unrest, more tunnels, more provocations. Grievances by Palestinians and hamas to the UN – crying about allowing cement deliveries blocking their progress for infrastructure … yet the world sees it was to construct these tunnels – moral of the story – Palestinian leaders cannot be trusted.

At the end of the day, all they want is the destruction of Israel.

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6 Responses to “Pro-Terrorist Activists March On UN In Protest Of Israel”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The Israelis are killing innocent civilians to affect a political change in others. Isn’t that terrorism?

    Worse, their primary goal is to make the region “safe” for Noble Energy and BG to extract petroleum from the waters off Gaza. When you’re stealing someone’s oil, the last thing you want is for the owners to shoot missiles at you.

    Wasn’t it at least a little suspicious that Israel launched an all out assault on Gaza over 2 Israelis being killed per year? More Israelis were killed in the invasion than have been killed in 15 years of missile launches.

    Hamas stands in the way of Israeli, UK and US companies making billions. The public outcries from these “terrorists” are all that stands between Israel and genocide.

  2. Jeffery says:

    “It is clear that without an overall military operation to uproot Hamas control of Gaza, no drilling work can take place without the consent of the radical Islamic movement.”

    Moshe Ya’alon,
    Israeli Deputy Prime Minister
    and Minister of Strategic Affairs

    Natural gas from Egypt for Israel has dried up. Israel is facing an energy crisis at home (electricity rates are jumping – 40% of their electricity comes from natural gas).

    Israel doesn’t give a shit about 2 Israelis killed per year by Hamas. They need Palestinian natural gas and they’re going to take it.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Once again we see the “logic” of a liberal.

    Jeffery believes that Hamas started launching rockets and tunneling into Israel in order to support Israel wanting gas in the region.


    THAT makes sense.

  4. jl says:

    Yes, j, that has to be one of your dumbest posts yet. “The Israelis are killing innocent civilians to affect a political change in others.” WTF? No, they’re targeting rocket launching sites that are placed next to civilians on purpose to get idiots like you to say what you just said. Mission accomplished. The fact is that Hamas is trying to kill innocent Israeli children-they’re just not that good at it. “Wasn’t it a little suspicious that an all out assault was launched over two Israelis being killed per year.” No, what’s suspicious is how anyone could be that stupid to write such a sentence. Again, it’s not how many Israelis killed it’s the fact that Hamas is trying to kill as many as they can. Like, all of them.

  5. Jeffery says:

    OK. You believe whatever the US and Israel govts tell you, as long as it conforms with your ideology. Got it.

  6. Jay says:

    “OK. You believe whatever the US and Israel govts tell you, as long as it conforms with your ideology. Got it.” Oh brother. Do I even need to point out that he might just as well say that you believe whatever Hamas and Al Qa’eda tell you as long as it conforms with your ideology. You could say that people who believe the world is round believe whatever scientists — oops, “so-called scientists” — tell them as long as it conforms to their pre-conceived ideas about the nature of the universe. Etc.

    What factual assertion did JL make that wasn’t true? Does Hamas deny that they are launching rockets at Israel and building tunnels into Israel in an attempt to kill Israeli civilians? No, they don’t. The brag about it. Does Hamas deny that there goal is to kill every Jew in the world? No, they brag about it. Well, unless you’re claiming that all the news reports we hear about what Hamas says are lies. If you have some evidence for that, I’d be interested in hearing it.

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