Ceasfire Ends, Rockets Fired From Gaza – To Apply Pressure Or Something

There are quite a few idiotic stories on some group in Gaza firing rockets at Israel as the ceasefire ended, and the NY Times has the most idiotic. Here’s what it looks like on the mobile edition (both web and their app) front page

Hey, I do that all the time on the golf course when someone is playing slow, wildly fire a few shots from my .22 to apply pressure. I understand that business folks fire bottle rockets across town during negotiations all the time, and throw Brown Recluse spiders across the negotiation table during lulls. Just to apply pressure

(NY Times) As a 72-hour truce in Gaza expired at 8 a.m. Friday, Palestinian militants fired barrages of rockets into Israel and the Israeli military responded with airstrikes, one of which killed a 10-year-old boy, according to relatives.

The renewed hostilities interrupted the indirect talks in Cairo, brokered by Egypt and backed by the United States, for a more durable cease-fire agreement. While the rocket fire signaled Hamas’s refusal to extend the temporary lull and its desire to apply pressure for its demands to be met at the talks, the Israeli government said in a statement that “Israel will not hold negotiations under fire.”

Huh. So a “militant” group is firing missiles (and also lobbing mortars) to put pressure on Israel. Interesting that they are not called “terrorists”. Let’s switch to the Washington Post article

Palestinian militants began to fire rockets at Israel again Friday morning after a three-day truce ended and talks in Cairo to extend it sputtered.

More than 20 rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, according to an Israeli military spokesman. Two were intercepted over the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, and several fell short and landed in Gaza, the spokesman said.

Militants. Israeli president Netanyahu directed the IDF to respond, and

Moments later, the Israeli military announced it was striking targets in Gaza, and journalists in the coastal enclave began to tweet photos of smoke plumes and news of explosions.

Interestingly, both of the two cited articles were relying on the IDF stating that rockets and mortars had been launched. Add CBS News, and many others, to that list. It’s almost like the major news outlets aren’t bothering to really have anyone on the ground in Israel, and are focusing all their assets within Gaza, a place controlled by terrorists.

In a separate statement, the militant group Islamic Jihad and another Palestinian faction claimed responsibility for the rocket fire.

Hmm, so two other “militant” groups claimed responsibility. Militant group Hamas stated they did not do it. Why is it so hard for news outlets to call them terrorists? Oh, right, they sympathize, and would label Israel as the terrorist group if they could get away with it.

Hamas officials, in their first public rally since the truce with Israel, vowed Thursday to never give up arms and to reignite war if Israel does not accept their demands for the lifting of the blockade.

The defiant rhetoric, delivered as supporters chanted, “Blow up, blow up Tel Aviv,” came on the final day of a three-day truce that brought a rare calm to the region after a month of violent conflict.

“The war is not over yet,” Mushir al-Masri, a top Hamas official, told the gathering. “Our fighters are still in the field, in their frontline positions. Our tunnels still exist, and they reach into Israeli territory. If Israel doesn’t agree to our demands, we will come there.”

Hmm, peaceful. Militants.

I actually have an idea: Israel and Egypt should stack tons of troops, fighting vehicles, and tanks on the border to Gaza, have lots of bombers ready to go, and then fully lift the blockade, stating that a) if Hamas and the rest of the Gazans use the inflow of goods for military purposes, and launch any strikes against Israel, it is on the head of the Obama, Kerry, and the other terrorist supporters, and b) say if anything is launched, Israel and Egypt will go in with massive force, and truly occupy Gaza, and it is on the heads of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Obama, Kerry, and the rest of the Gazan supporters.

Of course, even if Israel was forced to respond, the Liberal media and leftists around the world would simply blame Israel. They sympathize with Hamas in wanting to “blow up, blow up Tel Aviv”. And see the end of the Jewish state.

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