UN Warns Of Likely El Nino, Media Bloviates

This is one of the reasons we cannot have a legitimate debate on “climate change”: the news media doesn’t understand what climate is. Here are two articles, the first by Jonathan Fowler at AFP

The “El Nino” phenomenon, which sparks climate extremes around the globe, is likely to take hold in the Pacific Ocean by the end of the year and could even do so within weeks, the UN said on Thursday.

There was an 80 percent likelihood that El Nino could start between October and November and 60 percent that it would do so between now and end of August, said the UN’s weather agency, the World Meterological Organization.

The El Nino phenomenon — which can lead to extremes including droughts and heavy rainfall across the globe — occurs every two to seven years, when the prevailing trade winds that circulate over surface waters in the tropical Pacific start to weaken.

It does not spark “climate extremes”. It can, and does, cause changes in weather patterns. Warmists like to point out that weather is not climate (except when they want to blame every weather event on “climate change”). In this, they are right. Climate is created by long term weather, and weather is going to do weather things. The very fact that El Ninos occur every 2-7 years is proof that it is not extreme, but, in fact, part of the overall weather patterns, which also means it is part of the normal long term climate.

Then there’s John Heilprin from the AP

There’s a strong chance an El Nino weather event will reappear before the end of the year and shake up climate patterns worldwide, the U.N. weather agency said Thursday.

The El Nino, a flow of unusually warm surface waters from the Pacific Ocean toward and along the western coast of South America, changes rain and temperature patterns around the world and usually raises global temperatures.

An update Thursday from the Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization puts the odds of El Nino at 60 percent between June and August, rising to 75-80 percent between October and December. It said the expected warming would come on top of the effects of man-made global warming.

Both writers were apparently reading from the same playbook, probably a press release from the UN. Again, this is not climate: the climate patterns will not be shaken up worldwide. The weather will be shaken up, but there is nothing unusual about it. How can we have a legitimate debate when the news media is comprised of idiots?

Of course, it may be that they are intentionally using the terms in this manner to scare people regarding climate change. That is serious possibility, when we get this from the AFP article

The two climate patterns are watched carefully by scientists who say that, while they are not caused by climate change, rising ocean temperatures stoked by global warming may affect their intensity and frequency.

“It is too early to assess the precise impact on global temperatures in 2014, but we expect the long-term warming trend to continue as a result of rising greenhouse gas concentrations,” noted (WMO Secretary-General Michel) Jarraud.

Notice how the Warmists fold in a natural event, which has been occurring for a long, long time, and isn’t understood very well, under the banner of their cult. You can see in the AP excerpt that the same was done, and it also has that same quote from Jarraud. More from the AFP article

Both (El Nino and La Nina) are significant markers of global climate fluctuations.

Again, it’s weather, not climate.

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  2. john says:

    But Teach you are always pointing out local weather extremes as evidence that the cllimate is not changing. Snow in DC cold in england, so which is it weather or climate ?

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Thanks john. We all appreciate your words which conclude that a world wide, global effect on the weather is a “local weather extreme.”

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