Bummer: Climate Friendly Noisemaker Banned From World Cup

Why, you ask?

Brazil’s winning on the soccer field — and in battling climate change

At this year’s World Cup Soccer tournament, Brazil introduced a new noisemaker for the home crowds — the caxirola, an environmentally friendly shaker that evoked Brazil’s Afro-Caribbean roots.

Unfortunately, the caxirola also turned out to be an effective missile for angry fans, and it has been banned from the matches. Now the caxirola, like the massive stadiums built for the event, serves as a symbol of the wasteful, excessive spending that has angered so many Brazilians.

Wait, soccer fans getting violent? The hell you say!

Fortunately, there is good news out of Brazil that runs counter to the ‘waste’ narrative.

A new paper in Science says that since 2005, the rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has dropped 70 percent, and Brazil now leads the world in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Dan Nepstad, the executive director and founder of Earth Innovation Institute and one of the authors of the paper, says he is “fascinated” by how little the Brazilian government has made of this.

“Brazil really could very legitimately say to the world, ‘We’re not just the best in soccer, we’re the best in agricultural growth, and we’re also doing our part to keep forests standing, protect indigenous lands and greatly lower greenhouse gas emissions,’” Nepstad adds.

Sigh. Once again, a real environmental issue is rolled under the banner of “climate change”.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Climate Friendly Noisemaker Banned From World Cup”

  1. ” The man seems frozen on his feet, with a stoned face watching well beyond the Ocean’s depths. Isn’t it great when a film can do more than entertain, when it can actually inspire people to educate themselves and take part in something important. and, alas, the German people did not heed the warning against Hitler.

  2. Jeffery says:

    “Sigh. Once again, a real environmental issue is rolled under the banner of “climate change”.”

    — What is the ‘real environmental issue’ in this case if not global warming?

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