Climate Change Is About People, Not Gov’t Or Something

Obviously, that means that people really have to make big changes in their own lives to stop Hotcoldwetdry. Er, no

Climate change is not about the Gov’t, it’s about people – Gordon

A CALL is being made for the community to be more involved in the fight to promote the importance of climate change and the environment.

Speaking with The Gleaner, during a tour of the Wallingford community in St Mary on Monday, president of the Jeffery Town Farmers’ Association, Wordsworth Gordon, said a concerted effort must be made to get persons at the grass-roots level involved in the decision-making process.

Gordon makes no recommendation that The People do anything other than the tired old trope of “spreading awareness”. I’ve wrote it before and I’ll write it again: why should anyone believe what Warmists are pushing when they aren’t willing to make changes in their own lives to become “carbon neutral”? Elsewhere, Lorraine Chow offers the top 5 ways to fight global warming. Kudos for using the phrase “global warming”. Of course, she fails to note that there hasn’t been any statistically significant warming in 17 years and 9 months, and something else is missing. These are the top 5 ways, ranked from least effective to most, per some study

  • Stimulate the growth of algae in the ocean.
  • Create more shade with solar reflectors in outer space or artificially increase the earth’s cloud cover
  • Confine carbon by converting CO2 into liquid form and pumping it underground.
  • Sequester carbon by leaving it up to Mother Nature’s all-natural CO2 suckers: Plants.
  • Cut emissions.

She ends with

Now if we could only get everyone — regardless of political affiliation — on board

Notice that Warmists are never willing to Do Something themselves unless everyone is forced to abide by their religious tenants.

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