Yes, Obama Did Refer To Climate Change Opponents As Deniers

A follow up to this mornings post regarding Obama’s silly commencement speech, where CNN had stated that Obama referred to skeptics as “deniers” (I refused to listen to the video), but failed to include any supporting quotes. Nor did I find anything on the ‘net to bring it up. However, perusing Bishop Hill’s blog, I noticed in the comments that BH has linked to a comment on Watts Up With That? by Roger Sowell that has the full transcript, which includes

The climate change deniers suggest there’s still a debate over the science. There is not. The talking heads on cable news suggest public opinion is hopelessly deadlocked. It is not. Seven in ten Americans say global warming is a serious problem. Seven in ten say the federal government should limit pollution from our power plants. And of all the issues in a recent poll asking Americans where we think we can make a difference, protecting the environment came out on top. (Applause.)

Warmists started using the term “denier” in order to equate climate skeptics with Holocaust deniers. It’s a despicable use of terminology meant to shut down debate and denigrate opponents.

Bishop had also noted in his post

I would have thought that someone who was trying to deal with an existential crisis would have been moving heaven and earth to unite people rather than divide them. Using fallacy – and abusive fallacy to boot – makes him look more like someone who sees global warming as a useful wedge issue than someone who really thinks he is trying to save the planet.

But, that’s Obama’s way on pretty much everything.

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8 Responses to “Yes, Obama Did Refer To Climate Change Opponents As Deniers”

  1. Jeffery says:

    There can be no compromise with the deniers, you know that. Since deniers cannot be persuaded by evidence the only option is to beat them. The President recognizes that and responds. It’s sad to see you whine that the President has hurt your feelings for pointing out how you’re harming the nation with your maliciously ignorant stance.

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  3. john says:

    ummmm what are you implying Teach? That “deniers” is no longer PC ? sort of like Redskins being not PC ? What would you prefer…… that is still accurate?

  4. john says:

    Teach “deniers” is also used for people who deny evolution or the age of the Earth
    Yeas it is TRUE that their is often an overlap amongst these radical right beliefs/ all of these groups are basically anti science.
    You think it is despicable but yet most of your posts are attacks on individuals i.e. Obama uses fossil fuels so he is a hypocrite
    Teach the climate is changing, sometimes even YOU admit that it is warming.
    Teach when both the Pope and the US Navy believe in it why would you think it is “junk science” ? ir a plot o somehow take control of the world

  5. John, the POTUS using such a volatile term during what was ostensibly an official POTUS event is despicable. Personally, I would call out a Republican president for using language like that towards Democrats. It is pathetic that Obama would insult a good chunk of American citizens in this manner.

    I am not a federally elected politician. I am not POTUS, the person elected to be the leader of the USA. Furthermore, I am not calling them a nasty term like that, but simply pointing out that they are hypocrites. The two are not equal.

    I’ve never said that the world did not warm. I will disagree with anyone who says it hasn’t. The disagreement, since you’ve obviously not been paying attention, is in causation.

    Why call it junk science? Because it is. There is no hard proof that mankind is mostly/solely responsible for the warming since 1850. Or other time frame.

  6. […] on the attack against Americans who don’t agree with his climate change policies. Not only did he call those skeptical of global warming theory the derogatory term “deniers” he also told the graduates that we are a threat to their […]

  7. Hill says:

    Evidence? Oh, you mean the thousands of Climategate emails showing the fraud, lies and alternation of data? How about the ice that wasn’t there that trapped the expedition last year in ice and that also trapped two ice breaker ships (meant to rescue them) in ice that wasn’t there (according to the computer models? How about the thirty years of predictions that the enviros couldn’t have gotten more wrong? How about the lack of increase in temperature over the last 17 odd years? Isn’t half of NY supposed to be underwater according to James Hansen?

    I am glad I live in the real world and don’t like in the climate models, then I would be in trouble!

    Thirty years ago with was global cooling will kill us, we are the cause.
    Then it because global warming will kill us, we are the cause.
    Now its just plain old because climate change . . .

  8. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    But then, the Socialist\Fascist Left have never been about allowing people to have their own opinions or to debate the merits of scientific knowledge.

    They are a state run religious cult hell bent on destroy individualism and truth. labeling thinkers as “deniers” has its only purpose to push people away from critical thinking and sideline those who might want to think for themselves.

    Such is the use of the label “racist” nowadays. It has lost its true meaning over the years and is now used solely to silence those with different opinions.

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