Obama Really, Really Wants To Break Out Of The White House Bubble

Poor guy. Constantly having the pressure of having to do hard work in the job he campaigned for. Twice.

(Yahoo News) It’s perhaps appropriate that President Barack Obama is vacationing this weekend in California, where the state flag features a roaming grizzly.

The restless president, who has compared himself to a caged animal on recent wanderings by declaring the “bear is loose,” took a long Father’s Day weekend away with his wife and older daughter.

The visit to the desert resort area of Palm Springs is one of the ways Obama has been trying to escape during his sixth year cloistered in the White House.

“I think frankly we’ve all been through a cold and bitter winter and the bear has cabin fever,” said Obama friend and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. “His cabin is a little bit bigger and harder to escape than most.”

Obama has fantasized about being “on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut” or simply being able to walk out of the White House gate and stroll around unrecognized.

Aww, poor guy. I feel bad for him, cooped up having to do such tough things like meeting sports teams and trading 5 high ranking Taliban members for a guy who, at best, was AWOL. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to meet with his economic team and has no patience for making a decision on things like Iraq going down in flames. BTW, the comments on the bear thing are brutal at the link.

Obama interspersed his four-day weekend with official duties, including Democratic Party fundraising, a speech on climate change and calls to his national security adviser discussing military options to stop a violent insurgency in Iraq. As his administration announced that some staff were being evacuated from the Baghdad embassy, Obama was on the golf course.

I wasn’t aware that fundraising and campaign style speeches were part of the President’s official duties.

Obama seemed determined not to let the crisis overseas keep him from getting a break, in a time-honored tradition of presidents going on working vacations even as some question the optics.

“I might walk up to the Lincoln Memorial, sit on there,” Obama said when asked on the “Live with Kelly and Michael” talk show what he would choose if he could do anything unrecognized. “Maybe I’d wander around and find myself at a little outdoor cafe or something and sit and order something and just watch people go by. The thing you miss most about being president is anonymity.”

Sniffle. It’s so terrible for Obama. Even with all the vacations, tons of rounds of golf, the parties, flights on Air Force 1 all over the country and world, the guy just can’t catch a break when Things Happen. I feel so bad for him that I have a recommendation: resign. They say that when a job stops being fun it’s time to go. Sounds like he’s not having fun. Time to move on with his life.

From the comments

This piece is probably meant to have us sympathize with Owebama’s wanderlust,but really it just confirms what many have said since he announced his candidacy. This person is not up to the task and never was. Yeah he’s an amicable guy (after all he’s a stoner at heart)and wants everyone to just chill and party. However the world sees this as a weakness and a chance to take advantage of a depressed American influence in the world. I don’t blame Owebama.he is what he is. The fault lies with those who choose to put him in a position he is incapable of the responsibilities of the office. So now we’re all just treading water and hoping for the best.


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One Response to “Obama Really, Really Wants To Break Out Of The White House Bubble”

  1. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    They’ve got this all backwards. It is the official duties of being a president that keep him away from being Obama. It is that pain, that couped up feeling of playing president that is wearing down on Obama who only ever wants to go golfing. Or just getting away from Ms Obama.

    But, why should he worry, his massive army of trolls are doing exactly what he wants. Everything is happening like they want.

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