What Say To $4.9 Million Spent For A Climate Utopia?

But, hey, it’s “only” $4.9 million of federal taxpayer money

(Free Beacon) The National Science Foundation (NSF) gave nearly $5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to create scenarios based on America’s actions on climate change, including a utopian future where everyone rides a bike and courts forcibly take property from the wealthy.

The government has awarded $4,911,961 for the project, which is slated to run until March 2016 and for which the school has created a website suggesting different possibilities of what Yahara, a Wisconsin watershed, will be like in 2070.

In the scenario where Americans “shift our values,” people live in hippie-like communes after “youth culture” convinces the world to give up their cars and eat vegetarian.

“By the 2020s, the world seemed at the edge of environmental and political collapse,” the scenario says. “Despite this predicament, youth culture becomes empowered to shift the course of humanity. Disenchanted with the country’s highly consumptive culture, the younger generations embrace community building and sustainability and work together through grassroots action to get their voices heard.”

Well, hey, what else do the youth have to do? Thanks to Leftist economic policies, jobs have dried up. Their “climate change” and healthcare policies have made the situations worse. Climate change policies will cause prices to skyrocket, meaning everyone has to ride a bike because they cannot afford to even buy a car, much less put gas in one. And is anyone surprised in the least about one of the conditions being Government forcibly taking property from the wealthy? Are you further surprised that they’ve wrapped their pet cult of “climate change” into so many other progressive policy prescriptions?

Make sure to read the entire article for the full effect, and what the Progressive utopia looks like. Of course, most Progressives want Other People to live like this. They refuse to change their own lives.

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