Denver Sheriff Will No Longer Hold Illegals

Law? What’s that?

(Yahoo News) Denver will no longer hold people in its jail at the request of federal immigration officials once they are eligible for release on the charges they were arrested for, the county’s sheriff said on Wednesday.

Sheriff Gary Wilson said he was prompted to issue the new order by recent court rulings that determined requests by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials for the holds amounted to potential constitutional violations.

How about just shipping their butts back to their home country?

Additionally, the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco no longer hold low-level offenders in their lockups on ICE detainers, the ACLU said.


(Chicago Tribune) Starting today (April 29), Chicagoans will have to do their vaping outside as a ban on electronic cigarettes in indoor public places takes effect.

The new rule, which the City Council passed in January at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s urging, prohibits people from using e-cigarettes in restaurants, bars and most other indoor public places in the city. The measure also requires retailers to sell e-cigarettes from behind the counter so it’s harder for minors to get their hands on them.

(LA Daily News) E-cigarette users in the city of Los Angeles were relegated to the ranks of tobacco smokers at midnight Friday (April 11), when a ban on e-cigarette use at bars, restaurants and other public areas took effect.

San Francisco has also passed a host of laws against e-cigarette use, similar to those in Chicago and L.A. You have to love that they are cracking down on “vapers”, people who use a legal product, while relaxing their rules on illegal aliens.

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