We’re Saved: UN Secretary General Takes Fossil Fueled Flight To See “Climate Change”

This is the way Warmists roll

(CBS News) The Secretary General of the United Nations toured Greenland on Wednesday for an up-close look at the impacts of climate change.

“I am deeply alarmed by fast-moving glaciers and by the fast-melting ice cap which raises the sea level, which affects the whole international community’s environmental system,” said Ban Ki-moon, according to a U.N. press release.

How did he get to Greenland? Sailing ship? Did he row? Swim? Or, a fossil fueled flight, most likely on one of those evil private jets? In point of fact, most of Greenland never made it above the melting point in 2013. And there is nothing that proves anthropogenic causation for any Greenland melting, at least not on a global scale.

Meanwhile, one African is tired of the way rich enviroweenies are telling the poor in Africa how to live their lives

John Briscoe, a South African who spent most of his life working for the World Bank, has just been awarded the Stockholm Water Prize, regarded by some as the water equivalent of the Nobel. But after 40 years in the development business, he is angry at the way in which rich people tell poor people how to live their lives – and keep them in the dark. The sooner a BRICS Bank is up and running, the better, he says. What has made him so angry?

Good question. The answer is rich enviroweenies in the US and the EU telling Africans what power is available to them. Warmists yammer on about hydroelectric power, yet the moment someone tries to build a hydroelectric dam, well, nope, sorry, stop. They are called “foreign bullies”. They cause electric projects to be massively delayed and even stopped. And the best way to get people out of poverty is electricity. They bully the banks to stop loans. The NGOs from the US and EU work hard to stop projects. The World Bank has finally changed its policies, despite what rich Warmists want. And Africa is turning towards China and Brazil

“Africans and others are turning and will turn, with great appreciation, to the governments and companies of China and Brazil and potentially to a BRICs Bank, who understand that electricity is one of the keys to a better life, and who will help Africans build the infrastructure they need for economic growth and poverty reduction.”

Hydroelectric dams are supposed to be good for keeping the “carbon footprint” low, yet, Warmists/enviroweenies pitch a fit. They’d rather force poor people to deal with expensive solar and wind, which has a low rate of return, and takes up vast swaths of land. And, really, Warmists just like telling other people how to live their lives, then fly off on fossil fueled flights to ritzy vacation spots with lots of cheap power.

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2 Responses to “We’re Saved: UN Secretary General Takes Fossil Fueled Flight To See “Climate Change””

  1. Jeffery says:

    “In point of fact, most of Greenland never made it above the melting point in 2013.”

    Yet, Greenland continues to experience net loss of ice from its ice sheet.

    And here’s another view on the advisability of big hydro projects in Africa.


    Since the electricity delivery infrastructure is non-existent, it might be better to construct more local and smaller dams. Also, if the DRC erects several large dams and diverts 80% of the water from flowing to other nations do those nations have recourse or a right to the electricity generated in The Sudan?

    In any event, it’s good to see Coolists and carboweenies wanting to divert billions of US taxpayer funds for non-CO2 emitting energy sources on the African continent to help Muslims.

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