German City Looks To Sic Green Police On Citizens

Why? They might dare to use electric heaters in order to ward off the cold weather caused by “climate change”

(No Tricks Zone) Most of us already suspect that environmentalists are dictatorial wolves dressed in the democracy sheepskin. Despite all the lip service they pay to justice and liberty, they are really all about state power and regulation.

So it is with Germany’s authoritarian statists and greens, who not long ago called for the enactment of a nationwide “Veggie Day” once a week in order to start weaning people off climate-killing diets containing meat. Fortunately the citizens roundly rejected the nonsense, sending the wackos off – to return another day.

Well, that “another day” has already arrived. The latest suggested intrusion into and control over our private lives is reported by the Liberal website of Friedrich Naumann Foundation For Liberty.

In the northern port city of Bremen, just a single hour away from the home of NoTricksZone, officials are now busily playing let’s-save-the-planet and zealously committing the city to cutting its carbon footprint by 40% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels.

Why yes, yes, this is all about reducing a “carbon footprint”. Space heaters are considered Bad for “climate change”, as they use lots of energy, and many even use *gulp* fossil fuels. In this case, the city has proposed to ban electric heaters in the name of “sustainability”, which is one of the code words the Warmists use, and send the Gestapo to enforce the ban. The use of electric heaters has increased in Germany because of all their “climate change” regulations couple with the brutal winters, which has increased the cost of energy and reduced the availability of heating fuel. And Warmists love telling Other People what to do.

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