Seattle Greenies Kill Trees For Surveillance Cameras

It’s a touch choice for Warmists/enviroweenies: trees and Big Brother? Since W/EWs are mostly progressives, ie “nice fascist”, they go for big brother

(Victory Girls Blog) Seattle may be one of the most ‘green’ cities in the country, both literally and figuratively.  Unfortunately, it’s also known for two more things: excessive force by the police, and mind-numbing liberalism.  To the second point, yesterday it was announced that 500 Douglas firs will be chopped down along Interstate 5 to make room for…more surveillance cameras!  Because saving the trees is really important, unless you have the chance to get all up in people’s business.  Then you can just chop down whatever you like.  Surveillance trumps green, you know.

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5 Responses to “Seattle Greenies Kill Trees For Surveillance Cameras”

  1. Jeffery says:


    Typical conservaweenie tripe.

    It was not Seattle. The plan is to remove 500 trees over the 14 miles (on average, 1 tree every 150 feet) between Lacey and Lakewood, south of Tacoma, not Seattle. I guess “Seattle” sounds more liberal to rightists. It was the decision of the Washington Dept of Transportation not local environmentalists. WDOT claims the cameras are to improve traffic flow along with other changes such as ramp meters and variable message signs. Crews also built an auxiliary lane on southbound I-5. They will also plant 500 trees nearby. I suppose you’ll label the Lakewood greens as hypocrites because they didn’t fight hard enough to save the trees.

    Read more here:

  2. Jeffery says:

    Oh, and your headline is false. Not every word is false, but nearly half are. You should do your hapless reader a favor and change it.

    “Seattle Greenies Kill Trees For Surveillance Cameras”

  3. Erwin says:

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  4. gitarcarver says:

    For someone who likes to accuse others of “false statements,” Jeffery plays fast and loose with the facts.

    Let’s examine this statement:

    They will also plant 500 trees nearby.

    Compare that statement to the quote from the article Jeffery cites:

    After the project is finished, Winkley said, the Transportation Department will plant 500 seedlings – 300 Douglas firs and 200 Garry oaks …

    At best, seedlings are very small trees – usually less than a foot tall. Yet Jeffery wants you have the impression that the trees that are being planted are direct replacements for the trees that are being removed. Those trees, according to Jeffery’s citation:

    Most of the trees are Douglas firs, 4 inches to 2 feet in diameter…

    The state is removing mature trees and replanting seedlings. Jeffery wants you to believe they are the same thing. He wants you to believe that the amount of CO2 that the mature trees and seedlings can absorb / process is the same.

    It isn’t.

    In Jeffery’s world, the removal of mature trees in an area that claims to be ecologically centered and a hotbed for AGW cult members cannot be called out on their hypocrisy because in Jeffery’s world, liberals and AGW cult members cannot be hypocrites.

    Oh, and by the way Jeffery, Al Gore and you are still hypocrites in the AGW debate and your unwillingness of you, Gore and people of your ilk to change your lifestyle shows that your talk about AGW is bluster and that you don’t actually believe what you type.

    Actions speak louder than words Jeffery.

  5. Casey says:

    Ya gotta be nice to Jeffery. Goofy west-coast progs get a woody when they have to chance to participate in a real-life version of 1984.

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