How’d Pushing Climate Change Work For Dems In Fla-13?

Well, I’m sure by now you know that Nancy Pelosi compatriot Alex Sink lost

(Forbes) The national media this morning are calling Democrat Alex Sink’s surprise defeat in a bellwether special Congressional election yesterday a foreboding referendum on Obamacare. Perhaps this is so, but only slightly less noteworthy is Sink supporters’ failed attempt to turn victorious Republican David Jolly’s global warming skepticism into a political albatross.

Having just moved into Florida’s U.S. House District 13, I was shocked these past two weeks to discover how global warming became the central issue dominating television’s political commercials. Granted, I haven’t been watching much television, as moving from one house to another has been nearly a full-time job. Nevertheless, it seemed I couldn’t go 15 minutes into my limited viewing schedule without seeing the same Sierra Club/League of Conservation Voters commercial excoriating Jolly for being a global warming skeptic. I honestly can’t recall seeing any other political commercials these past two weeks, either pro-Sink or pro-Jolly. However, I must have seen the global warming commercial at least a dozen times.

Jolly didn’t bother fighting back against the “climate change” attacks, which was actually a wise move, which showed voters that the issue was too tiny to even bother with. Jolly stayed on message, mostly about the “Affordable” Care Act being a disaster.

This also goes to show that the Democrats focus on this issue really goes nowhere with voters, excluding the unhinged base, which would vote Dem anyhow. It’s no wonder Senate Democrats had no legislation to go with their Monday night sleepover whinefest about “climate change”.

Just to be clear, Sink also complained about oil drilling (while driving around in a fossil fueled vehicle to campaign events and fundraisers) and discussed her unwavering support for abortion on demand.

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9 Responses to “How’d Pushing Climate Change Work For Dems In Fla-13?”

  1. Butt_Melting_Gumballs says:

    And in a district that voted for Obama.
    I still find it telling how many still believe in the Socialist ideals. I find it even more telling that so many still are blaming all of the CURRENT problems on former Pres GWB. It’s been 6 years people. only one man can make a decision while in office. or are you saying that Obama is really listening to GWB to make his decisions?

    Anyways, I’m not a bell-ringer on this election as some in the blogosphere are. This is local and it will be isolated. I have no hope that our nation will recover from it’s bloated and gluttonous ways in order to go on a fiscal diet.

    It’s always.. “other” people’s monies. “Raise ‘their’ taxes.” “give me ‘their’ money.” “give me more free stuff paid for by ‘them'”.

    “BTW, don’t tell me what to do with my body, but by penalty of jail you better not drink that soda!!!”

  2. Greg says:

    Glad to have another sane voice move into Pinellas County. I’m in Clearwater Beach – moved down here from Dallas 10 years ago and love it! There are more liberals than I have ever encountered in my life but, obviously with Jolly’s win, we haven’t all slid over to the dark-side yet.

  3. Butt_Melting_Gumballs says:

    Wow.. and you’re still alive? heh.
    well, there are still alot more to-the-right people still in this nation. We just have to get off our butts and vote.

    But, with our educational system from birth to death crushing coherency, thought, reason, and judgement, more and more liberals are being produced every day.

  4. Greg says:

    The thing that most of the dems/msm aren’t pointing out is the Libertarian guy took almost 5% away from Jolly. Add those to to his tally and the mandate against Obamacare becomes much more striking (and less of just a “local election”). I will say this, the Conservatives did a great job on maning the phones this time. I bet I got 20 calls a day from various groups over the last 3 weeks making sure I was going to vote for Jolly. Also, the beaches here have been jam packed from all of that GW going on up north. Absolutely amazing that anyone that doesn’t make a living off of the GW grant money takes it seriously.

  5. gitarcarver says:

    I think what is more amazing about the FL 13 election is that Jolly got outspent by a good margin.

    The message still matters.

  6. Butt_Melting_Gumballs says:

    True that Gregg. And Gregg, that GW only flows from hot to cold, and then cold to hot…. at the same time of course.

    GC, why do you say it was “amazing”?

  7. Greg says:

    Amazing was probably the wrong term. I shouldn’t be amazed at anything the progressive idiots in this country want. They will buy into anything that replaces what this country was founded on – love of God, freedom and their fellow man. Tragic is more like it.

  8. gitarcarver says:

    GC, why do you say it was “amazing”?

    Because Jolly was outspent by Sink by quite a fair margin – 25% or so. (Our of millions of dollars.) That’s a fair chunk of change there.

    Many people listen to the last ads they hear before going to the polls. Having the additional money to have more ads, more mailers, more staff, etc gave Sink all the advantages she should have wanted but yet she lost. In the scheme of politics, that is pretty amazing to me.

  9. Butt_Melting_Gumballs says:

    Hey GC,
    I queried you on “amazing” because I don’t at all find it even the slightest bit off normal. think of how many races where the democrat and union machines run massive amounts of money to try and waylay voters over to their side.

    How many hundreds of millions did they spend for Obama? how much free money did they give in using union members to drive people to the polls, to register people, to push people to vote a certain way?

    To me, I’d find it amazing if the Dem machine DIDN’T spend gobs of money to try and push their viewpoint.

    It would be interesting to know how much of that money for this particular Democrat came from outside the state.

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