Let’s Rename It “Global Moisture Change”

How do Climate Realists/skeptics compete with the sheer idiocy, brainwashing, and complete lack of science?

The frigid cold and snow are global climate change. If you wonder where the sun goes at night, as do typical global climate change deniers, you are probably seizing on the hoax story fed to you by big oil.

Big oil and foolish condescension. Check. Blaming cold and snow on warming? Check

Scientists should rename it “global moisture change.” The ocean heat up is pushing moisture — energy — into the atmosphere at an enormous rate. When weather fronts collide, the outcome depends on the energy: temperature differences. More difference, more action.

Does this mean that it was fricking hellishly hot during the last glacial period?

That’s why we are having polar weather; the energy has buckled the jet streams radically, forming record-size vortexes. Remember Hurricane Sandy, the largest geographical sized hurricane. The polar vortex is a polar hurricane.

 photo facepalm.gif

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One Response to “Let’s Rename It “Global Moisture Change””

  1. Blick says:

    Good Grief, Do these people ever listen to themselves? Are they that tone deaf?
    Hurricanes and Polar Vortex have meteorological definitions. Hurricanes are low pressure systems with heat, winds above a certain speed and formations. Polar vortex are high pressure systems, cold and dry. Polar vortex cannot, never ever, impossible, negative sir, only on a cold day in hell, ever be a Hurricane. And they want to be taken seriously?

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