Bummer: West Nile Virus Could Be Your Neighbor, Cause “Climate Change”

We’re doomed or something, so says Time’s resident climahysteric, Bryan Walsh

Thanks to Climate Change, West Nile Virus Could Be Your New Neighbor

Invasive species aren’t just species—they can also be pathogens. Such is the case with the West Nile virus. A mosquito-borne virus identified in the West Nile subregion in Uganda in 1937—hence the name—West Nile wasn’t much of a concern to people elsewhere until it broke out of Africa in 1999. The first U.S. cases were confirmed in New York City in 1999, and it has now spread throughout much of the world. Though 80% of infections are subclinical—meaning they yield no symptoms—those who do get sick can get very sick.The virus can led to encephalitis—inflammation of the brain and nervous system—and even death, with 286 people dying from West Nile in the U.S. in 2012. There were more than 5,500 cases reported that year, and the scary thing is that as the climate warms, West Nile will continue to spread.

That’s the conclusion of a new study from a team of researchers in the U.S., Britain and Germany, including those at the Center for Tropical Research at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. In a study published in the journal Global Change Biology, the researchers took climate and species distribution data, and created models that try to project the spread of the virus as the globe warms. West Nile virus is carried by mosquitoes, and infected insects transmit the virus to human beings with a bite. But birds play a role too—if bitten by an infected mosquito, birds can generate high levels of the virus in their bloodstream, and can then transmit it to uninfected mosquitoes, which in turn can infect people. The biggest indicator of whether West Nile virus will occur is the maximum temperature of the warmest month of the year, which is why the virus has caused the most damage in hot southern states like Texas.

Before Hotcoldwetdry, invasive species and viruses never spread anywhere. Things were exactly the same for the previous 4.5 billion years, with life and disease staying exactly in the same places. Just don’t say anything about the Bubonic Plague, which spread during a cool period.

But, really, this is all part of the scareathon perpetuated by the Warmists, aimed toward their moonbat base and the Low Information Voters, who never take the time to learn the reality. Missing from the scary fable is that this has happened before, and will happen again, and it is simply part of nature, just like the majority of “climate change”.

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12 Responses to “Bummer: West Nile Virus Could Be Your Neighbor, Cause “Climate Change””

  1. Jeffery says:

    Actually, climate change this extreme has not occurred during the past 10,000 years, which is the point. What is so significant about the past 10,000 years? It corresponds to the current interglacial period (the Holocene) and happens to encompass the complete extent of human civilization. Yes, it was surely warmer 4,000,000,000 years ago – but there was no New York City. Yes, the oceans were 10s of feet higher 4,000,000 years ago – but there was no Miami or San Diego. We are currently changing the fundamental nature of human civilization.

  2. david7134 says:

    No, none of that is going on as you can not answer a simple question about the concentration of specific acids in the ocean.

    Then for the rest, I remember that with the BP oil spill, the environmentalist were freaking out as the oil would kill mosquitos and thus reduce our mosquito burden. People in Louisiana thought they had lost it.

  3. jl says:

    Sure, J, manipulated data can make anything look extreme. However, we don’t have comparable data from 10,000 years ago, so your comment makes no sense. And even better, can you show us the data that proves this “is more extreme” than any other time in history? Of course you can’t.

  4. John says:

    I did notice that the phrase “over hyped” was not used in that post teach west Nile is killing people in NJ that is pretty far north. It shows just how much of an effect what appears to be a small change in the average temp can do to the enviorment

  5. John says:

    The US Navy believes in AGW and has for a long time the claims of a great hoax means you think the Navy are fools.

  6. John says:

    Oh and by the way the navy is down with that whole idea the world is round and also with that “theory” about gravity

  7. gitarcarver says:


    You can keep repeating that whole Navy point over and over until you are blue in the face. It doesn’t matter one iota.

    First, the Navy is reacting to hysterics from people like you. That doesn’t mean that they believe in the cause or that the belief is more than some admirals who are looking to save their butts. (After all, Obama is cutting down on the military including the number of ships.)

    But the second thing that you should know is that the Navy has plans for shelling Canada. You remember Canada, don’t you? The great aggressor and enemy of the US to the north?

    The military plans and examines everything as well they should.

    By the way, if you think the Navy doesn’t take political marching orders, you may want to realize that even though the military budgets and payments were not effected by the Democratic shutdown of the government and sequestration, the Navy docked major ships and battle groups in order to try and say “see what the ‘cuts’ are doing?”

    Oh, and by the way, I hear the Navy believes in internet trolls. You should be very worried.

  8. jl says:

    John- When you say the navy believes in something, what do you mean? Have the thousands of servicemen and women been quizzed on this subject? Or to put it another way, if the Commander in Chief believes in this BS, what’s so weird that the top navel brass does, also? (job security) Anyway, I guess I missed the part where the navy is doing climate science now. Sorry, but the only fool is one who believes that what the navy thinks about AGW is some how helping their cause.

  9. Jeffery says:


    About 6,000,000,000,000,000 hydrogen ions per liter.

    By the way, what does your frightening obsession have to do with global warming?

    Oh, and kiss my ass.

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  11. david7134 says:

    You still haven’t answered the question. And if you don’t know what the question has to do with global warming, then you don’t understand the fundamentals of your religion.

  12. Jeffery says:


    I have no religion! That explains everything. No wonder I don’t understand your bizarre interest in seawater pH. (Your curious inability to explain your bizarre interest in seawater pH is another topic). May I suggest you settle on a new fetish?

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