Bummer: Brits Mostly Against “Green” Taxes

Really, any time someone runs a poll on “climate change”, they should include 4 questions

  • Do you think people should pay more in taxes for “climate change”?
  • Would you be willing to pay higher taxes?
  • Do you think government should heavily regulate the use of fossil fuels?
  • Do you think government should heavily regulate your own use of fossil fuels?


(Daily Mail) Nearly two-thirds of voters oppose planned hikes in green taxes – and back David Cameron in his battle with Nick Clegg to ‘roll back’ the levies.

A total of 60 per cent of voters object to the charges, which will hit households with an extra £270 per year on their energy bills by 2020. Just 18 per cent support the taxes.

The findings, in a Survation poll, come after a week in which double-digit hikes by the energy companies dominated debate at Westminster.

The 18% figure probably really like the idea of taxes on Other People. And those spiking energy prices can primarily be aimed directly at “carbon reduction” schemes, mandates, and the expansion of the barely working “green energy” projects, particularly in light of Britain suffering through very cold winters 4 out of the last 5. Plus barely having a spring. And even if Britain makes huge changes now, the problems caused by the “climate change” initiatives will still be felt for decades, significantly raising the price of energy, with everything else to follow.

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One Response to “Bummer: Brits Mostly Against “Green” Taxes”

  1. Overtaxed_Gumballs says:

    The effects of Socialism are pernicious and ever damaging for as long as it is allowed to infect your political system.

    Notice, that despite the backlash we still ban incandescent bulbs. I stocked up knowing that our Repubs would fail once again.

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