NPS Head Thinks Nothing Is More Important Than “Climate Change”

Personally, I would think that keeping the parks open, keeping them clean, making sure visitors can be safe, conserving the public space, those would be the most important issues for the National Park Service. Not so, says NPS head Jonathan Jarvis

(Lansing Journal) Jarvis has made it clear as head of the federal agency there is no higher priority than climate change on his agenda.

Everything is different, he told his staff at a meeting on his first day. From now on, the single most important issue facing the National Park Service is, and will forever be in your lifetimes, climate change.

Jarvis commissioned some of the nation’s top scientists to evaluate whether the National Park Service’s policies were still relevant.

And because of his Belief, he’s trying to ram “climate change” policies down the throats of those who work for him, which will effect visitors. Because nature is apparently supposed to stay static and never ever change. This is the way Warmists think. They forget about the actual job of protecting the environment in favor of some pie in the sky mostly made up issue.

On a wider note, Carl Cannon asks if we can even trust the NPS anymore

Thanks to congressional hearings held this past week, we know who is running things: Under questioning from GOP lawmakers, park service chief Jonathan Jarvis conceded that he’d collaborated on his shutdown plans with White House officials. Throughout the shutdown, NPS officials and their Democratic enablers claimed that closing the parks and monuments was something they’d done reluctantly because they lacked the manpower to protect them for future generations. The closing of the Cliff House and Claude Moore Colonial Farm revealed this explanation to be, essentially, a lie.

“The future of the NPS rests with the goodwill of the American people and groups such as ours that could help them protect and manage their vast resources,” notes Anna Eberly. “But treating your partners with disdain and contempt dooms future possibilities.”

Well, since the agency is apparently moving into the climahysteric camp, and doesn’t seem to have much problem deploying armed personnel and employing fascistic tactics, no, we can’t trust them.

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6 Responses to “NPS Head Thinks Nothing Is More Important Than “Climate Change””

  1. Blick says:

    NPS has gone over to the Dark Side. Too many employees are enviro-control freakazoids who think the parks are their personal property and visitors are intruders.

  2. Elephant_Gumballs_Room_Ignored says:

    Jarvis commissioned some of the nation’s top scientists to evaluate whether the National Park Service’s policies were still relevant.

    And thus outlined are their motives for preventing people from accessing the parks. They’ve been moving toward limiting the number of people who can access a park as well as the amount of time spent at a park for decades. They’ve already done so on many of alaska’s parks.

    NPS needs to be reformed and repurposed through new statutory mandates. And Jarvis needs to be fired for his treatment of american citizens during this period. It was illegal and inconsistent with the stewardship granted to NPS by we the people.

    But this underscores the differences between conservatives and liberals. Liberals see the govt as overseers of the people. Conservatives see the gov’t as a servant.

  3. Jeffery says:

    You guys should get out more. The scientific community recognizes that global warming is a serious, possibly catastrophic, threat to human civilization. Global warming is the most important long-term challenge we face.

  4. Elephant_Gumballs_Room_Ignored says:

    Hey Jeffery,
    No they don’t. Claiming a small fraction is the majority is not factual. First off, global warming is not serious but in fact could be most beneficial. Kind of hard to be a catastrophic threat to humanity when humans have faced far worse threats in our existence. A more comfortable environment is far down the list of threats.

    And if it is a long-term threat, then wouldn’t it be cheaper to adapt to it than to try and stop something that we can’t do without?

  5. Jeffery says:


    You need to get out more. Q.E.D.

  6. Elephant_Gumballs_Room_Ignored says:

    Thanks for the witty rebuttal.

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