Man Who Made $70 Million From Oil Moguls Really Likes Divestment Movement

When I and other climate realists talk about hypocritical Warmists, we’re given all sorts of talking points and excuses. I should probably give them some sort of number. I wonder what they’ll think of this?

(Huff Post) Former Vice President Al Gore sees parallels between the last two and a half weeks of budget chaos on Capitol Hill and the climate crisis: Many will deny there’s a problem — until they are ultimately compelled to take action by forces beyond their control. (snip)

Gore also expressed support for the divestment movement that has been growing in popularity on college campuses in the U.S., referring to investment in fossil fuels as a “carbon bubble.” The movement contends that investing in fossil fuels is a moral hazard but will become a financial hazard, too, when there is a global price on carbon emissions.

“This bubble is going to burst. No one can say with certainty when,” said Gore. “But you can say with certainty that no more than one-third of these carbon assets can be burned, and hopefully not even that much.”

Remember when Gore sold his failing Current TV to Al Jazeera for $500 million, and made around $70-100 million himself? How AJ is backed by oil money. How even some Warmists criticized Gore for doing this? I like what one HuffPo commenter had to say

Living in mega mansion.
Travelling in own luxury jet.
Being driven around by chauffer in limo.
Weight around 250 – personal footprint.
Consumption, consumption, consumption.

And he has the nerve to preach to us how to live and
reduce our carbon footprint.
Hubris and hypocrisy.

In a little under a month we’ll be treated to COP19 in Warsaw, Poland, and huge climahypocrisy.

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2 Responses to “Man Who Made $70 Million From Oil Moguls Really Likes Divestment Movement”

  1. Gumballs_O_Glory says:

    Well, fortunately, their little snitfits will only harm the entire global petroleum industry …. well.. ok it won’t even be noticed.

    As for those companies who they choose or force others to divest from, yeah, they wont feel it either. Most of their revenue comes from sales.

    So… divest away you heathens and raise the cost of your education. But, you’re still too blind to see the cause. You’ll once again blame someone else.

    It would be interesting to see Al Gore’s portfolio. Who does he invest in?

  2. Blick says:

    The whole divestment demand is an emotional scam. The demanders have nothing to lose personally but they get to feel good by demanding someone else do something. The only gain from their protests and activities is the emotional high they get;its all pure selfishness.

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