Trace Amounts Of CO2 Like Devil Dripping Poison…

Good thing Warmists aren’t prone to grandiloquent hyperbole, especially Harry Eyres (via Tom Nelson

(Financial Times) I have an image of an immense, planet-sized cauldron, into which someone, the devil perhaps, wearing an apron and with a slight look of Heston Blumenthal, is dripping small quantities of poison. The poison will not reach all parts of the cauldron at the same time or in the same concentrations, but there is no doubt that as the great broth is stirred, we will all be thoroughly stewed.

My image is both homely and misleading. There is of course no devil. Or rather the devil is none other than ourselves.

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5 Responses to “Trace Amounts Of CO2 Like Devil Dripping Poison…”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Also from the linked article:

    “But would it have been better to park the questions about climate change – whether it is happening, what is causing it (though these questions seem to have been fairly convincingly answered) – outside the main public and political conversation, and focus instead on the urgent need for action on environmental degradation, whose reality and dire effects no one can doubt? And does that in turn mean that we cannot trust the public, or the politicians who serve the public, to take in or pass on any messages of great and nuanced complexity?

    There is no doubting the complexity of the climate system. It is so complex, with so many variables, that there will always be uncertainty as regards precise local predictions. Beyond that, you could argue that climate modelling, however sophisticated, must always involve probabilities rather than certainties. There was a very hot summer across Europe in 2003, and then another one in 2006, but after that (in Britain at least) there was a sequence of wet summers, before the glorious one we have just enjoyed.

    There were some very mild winters in Britain in the 1990s and early 2000s, and then unexpectedly cold winters in 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2012-13. Certain media organisations that should have known better jumped on these variations as proof that global warming was a myth perpetrated by a mass conspiracy of scientists (surely the most remarkable conspiracy in history, and the only one backed by a crushing majority of peer-reviewed scientific papers).”

    The Earth continues to warm rapidly as a result of humans adding CO2 to the atmosphere. The only question is whether we have the courage to deal with it. Our descendants are counting on us. Counting on imaginary gods to solve this is irrational.

  2. Ignore_My_Cold_Gumballs says:

    The Earth continues to warm rapidly

    I’m beginning to think your real name is John. John also liked to lie, be vindictive and spiteful. He would cite things out of context and use the wrong statistics to back up his baseless beliefs. There is no way to tell if our warming is in any way different than at any other time when all historical proxies have a resolution of 1,000 years at lowest.

    … as a result of humans adding CO2 to the atmosphere.

    Again, you have not proved CO2 is what leads to greenhouse effect. We all know that you believe this, and that you believe the moon is cold because it does not have CO2 levels similar to Earth’s.

    The only question is whether we have the courage to deal with it.

    Deal with what? A nice warm earth that is not freezing us to death? I’m happy the way things are. Let’s just enjoy it before the next glacier comes rolling down the plains.

    Our descendants are counting on us.

    To do what? To procreate I assume. Otherwise, they won’t be around.

    Counting on imaginary gods to solve this is irrational.

    Granted and I agree. Imaginary gods are a fancy of fanciful minds like yours. Worshipping GAIA in my opinion is foolhardy and dangerous. One of the reasons I put my faith and trust in a real GOD.

  3. Jeffery says:

    I find little to recommend the Gaia hypothesis, but you seem to think that the Earth is somehow “self-healing” or “self-regulating”, which is the cornerstone of the Gaia hypothesis. Or do you think Yahweh or Allah or God regulates the Earth?

    I’ve only recited facts. The Earth is warming from CO2 added to the atmosphere by man. Period. You’ve already admitted that your science denier posture results from your religion. I had hoped it was based on reason.

  4. Ignore_My_Cold_Gumballs says:

    tut tut tut tut.
    Lies are not becoming of one who proclaims reason.

    I never stated that my belief in GOD precludes my comprehension of science.

    In fact, many of the original and greatest scientists were followers of GOD. Science came about as a means to understand GOD and his workings. Yes, there was a dark time during the “Dark Ages” when the church-state religion got too big for their britches and started persecuting scientists and non-followers.

    Unfortunately, we currently have another church-state religious cult being pushed by the state and those who do not follow it are persecuted and berated by the religion and the state. It is called Climate Warming Alarmism religion.

    So jeffery, you believe that Earth can only survive by human’s actions to protect it from humans?

  5. Jeffery says:

    The Earth will survive. Mankind will survive.

    But if we stay on our same greenhouse gas emissions path the Earth will continue to rapidly warm, which will significantly impact human culture.

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