Only You Can Stop Climate Change Created Snow

If you thought Warmists wouldn’t actually link the early snow this Fall, well, hell, there was snow before Fall started, sorry, nope

Yeah, sorry about TS Karen, kinda fizzled out like your beliefs.

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One Response to “Only You Can Stop Climate Change Created Snow”

  1. Ignore_Overpriced_Gumballs says:

    We have a nation full of mentally deficient irresponsible ignoramuses with test-tube sized IQs.

    So, if by chance we get it, will the coming second little ice age also be due to global warming?

    I recall someone saying that even if we do get a new ice age, it will be tempered by the global warming. !?!?!??!?!!?$?#Q@#$@##!!%F@F@

    And you have these brilliant doofusi claiming that an early regional storm system that brought down a large amount of cold air and rammed it in to an influx of moist gulf-stream air just like hundreds of other storms that occurred this year, is a sign of GLOBAL!!!! warming?

    Kill me now. SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD. These people make me chew my teeth. These people are the perfect symbol of our failed school system. They are wholly and completely incapable of independent and rational thought.

    That video that came out today of people being tricked by a “Carrie” type person in a fake diner are illustrative of this mess we are in. Did you see the non-actor people freak out? WHY? WHY WOULD THEY FREAK? It’s because these people have grown up on hollywood news and believe the movies as real.

    Me? I’d be like.. “ok, that’s just stupid. Why is she screaming? Oh wow.. look, books flying off the shelves. Am I on camera?”

    Now, were it to be real, I’d probably be melting in to a pile of goo after that… but I’d not believe the hollywood media were true. For example, if I saw a giant flying “thing” going over my town, I’d be like… “ok, what movie is doing this and why my town.” Most of these fluff-brains would immediately thing alien invasion.

    And then blame global warming for it.

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