Driving Habits That Annoy The Crap Out Of Me

There are several things about drivers that annoy the crap out of. I despise people who run red lights, having been hit by a someone blowing off a red light. Those who have neon on their POS vehicles. Those who sit in a parking lot or drive around a residential neighborhood with the stereo thumping with massive amounts of bass. People going slow in the fast lane. Those who litter from their cars. Not using a signal. Here are two of my really big pet peeves, based on my daily commute to and from work

First up are jerks who get all the way to the red light then decide “hey, I’ll get in another lane, I can get a half car ahead!!!!!! Yay Me!” OK, sometimes it can be several car lengths. Why didn’t you do this before you almost or fully came to a stop? Sure, this is really no big deal, it’s just an annoyance. But, it does highlight selfish drivers, who apparently aren’t paying attention. And it is annoying when you cut if front of me when you do this. Oh, and now you want back into the other lane so you go faster or turn? Trust me, I’ll attempt to block you if I can.

Did I say that this was really just an annoyance? How about dangerous? Recently a jackass did this, which gained her 1 1/2 car lengths…which the loaded dump truck driver had previously added in to his mental calculation in terms of stopping at the light. All of a sudden this lane shift caused him to have to slam on the breaks, which were smoking when the dump truck hit the woman’s car. Fortunately, not more than a minor/moderate accident, though the back end of the woman’s car was toast, and the hit forced her car into another car at the light. So, because of her actions, her own car was damaged along with someone else’s car. Both the dump truck driver and the other driver were now going to have to spend lots of time not working. And all those who witnessed this were by law required to wait for the police.

But, only myself and one other waited around. I gladly waited around, though it did make me late to work and cause me to split a sale with another rep. I gleefully told the officer taking statements that it was All The Fault of the woman. Not because she’s a woman, mind you, but a jerk driver. Otherwise the dump truck driver would have been on the hook, based on the law. The cops had an idea that it wasn’t his fault from the get go, based on the tire marks. I told her insurance agency this morning that “yup, her fault!”

Even bigger and more annoying is people who intentionally wait till the last minute to move over into the lane they need to be in. I’ll grant that in some instances this is because they haven’t been able to get over, there’s no space. Mostly, though, it’s because they are either not paying attention to the signs that alert them way beforehand and because they are assholes. I posted this once before

Don’t be that person. It is dangerous. You cause people to slam on their brakes, which is not good for people’s blood pressure, nor is it safe for vehicles to be so close to each other as they attempt to make sure assholes don’t cut in. This happens every single day on the way home. People will be in far left lane and cut over another whole lane to attempt to get in the lane to get in the one to take them onto the inner 440 beltline, and sometime even into the far right lane to get the outer beltine lane, coming east on Glenwood Ave just past Crabtree Valley Mall.

And it’s no better taking 540 East. There are two lanes merging into 540, and rush hour is bad enough without people, who have seen signs saying “merge, jackass!!!”…ok, more like “lane ends” and keep going till they can force their way in. And what does all this do? It slows down traffic behind as people are forced to slam on their brakes. I once read a study that said that any tap on the breaks slows traffic down for 2 miles behind. All so people can save 20 seconds or so and be a cool breeze. And they miss all the accidents that occur thanks to their assholish and reckless driving.

Anyhow, what bugs you? What pisses you off? No politics, please, just crap that bugs you. Like people who get in the self checkout/fast checkout with more than 20 items. People who get to the register and aren’t sure what they want. The Hendrick Automotive commercials (good grief, they are patronizing and constantly on). Buying bananas that need a day and seeing them go bad immediately. Whatcha got?

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7 Responses to “Driving Habits That Annoy The Crap Out Of Me”

  1. UncleDan says:

    Driving while on the phone.
    Should be punishable by death.

  2. DL Sly says:

    People who say or type “Washington state” to delineate between Washington, DC and the state of Washington. (How in the world did a mere city become elevated above one of the 50 states in our great country in our common vocabulary? It’s poor English and very lazy thinking.)

    People driving in the left lane for no damn reason — especially those that are driving slow and absolutely refuse to move over.

    Drivers that pull out in front of you on an open highway, knowing that you are coming at highway speed, and take their time getting up to speed….any speed.

    Flat beer.

    The plastic wrap and extra seal tape on cd’s and dvd’s.

    That (%*@ing piece of foil that bottle companies put over the top of bottle under the cap, which, btw, already has plastic wrap crap (see above) over it.

    Identical commercials running back to back. (Really? Did you think we didn’t get it the first time?)

    Freddie Gonzalez still hitting Andrelton Simmons in the lead-off spot when he’s clearly shown his stubborness at not being willing to cut down on his swing in order to make contact after getting down two strikes. Hell, all of the Braves (with the exception of Freddy Freeman) not being willing to cut down on their swing once they get down by two strikes.

    People who drive corners (all corners) stupidly slow and then race down the straight stretch like a bat out of hell. Learn to drive consistently or get off the road.

  3. Hap says:

    Blocking the box is the worst sin, followed closely by people who are in the straight/left turn lane, and when the light turns green, pull forward 10 feet, stop, and then put their left turn signal on.

  4. Better yet, when they’re in the turn lane then decide they need to go straight, holding up traffic.

  5. Corrupted_Gumballs says:

    I gleefully told the officer taking statements that it was All The Fault of the woman. Not because she’s a woman, mind you, but a jerk driver.

    equals woman driver. (snort)

    My pet peeve is making specific laws for specific pieces of technology. Like a law to ban talking on the phone and then mandated hands-free talking. Then came back later and mandated no hands-free talking either. I’m sorry, but if you want the gov’t out of your womb, out of your bedroom, then get out of my car!!!! (i hear billy ocean now)

    There was and always has been a law against distracted driving. How does getting in an accident or breaking a law due to inattentiveness due to cellphone use not qualify for that? Hate crime law anyone? Just cuz you hate cell phones does not make it a crime for others to use theirs.

    Pet peeve, people who merge on to highways and EXPECT to be allowed in. Screw off!!
    Especially if you don’t signal or look. I’m blocking ya.

    And yeah, signal use is another pet peeve of mine. Let me know what you’re gonna do else I’m gonna start honking.

    And, the long lost art of 4-way flashing red light stop on major intersections. Seriously, how hard is it to wait your turn? Can you not count to 4?

    My other one is seeing a handicap placard in window of a vehicle that costs more than my student loans. And requires extensive body movements and muscle use to get in to. But, heaven forbid they walk an extra 10feet to front door of store. Actually saw a placard on a jacked up hummer H2.

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