Bummer: Poets Can No Longer Write About The Eternal Sea

Cause “climate change”. I have some fresh baked Toll House chocolate chip cookies for anyone who can read the entire ramblin’ wreck of an article before we get to the end

In the Era of Climate Change, Poets Can’t Write About the “Eternal Sea” – In literature, the classic metaphors for the ocean no longer make sense.

If the sea levels continue to rise at their current rate, the day is not far off when Miami and Atlantic City become beds for oysters. The fishing in the sea that was once near the surface now is done by trawls the length of locomotives dropped to the depth of a mile and dragged across the bottom, reducing many thousands of square miles of the ocean floor to barren deserts no longer giving birth to the tiny organisms from which emerge the great chains of being that sustain the life of the planet.

Nothing in the sea lives by itself, nothing either on the earth or in the air or in the minds of men. To know the sea is mortal is to know that we are not apart from it. Man is nature creatively refashioning itself. The abyss is human, not divine, a work in progress, whether made with a poet’s metaphor or with a vast prodigious bulk of Styrofoam.

The funny part is that Mr. Lapham makes a few good points on real environmental issues, like in the above and

We needn’t call upon an angry god to make the sea an object of no small terror. Every year we withdraw from it 160 million tons of fish, deposit in it 7 million tons of garbage. Poisonous chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico have formed a pool of dead water equivalent in size to the state of New Jersey; among the several hundred dead zones elsewhere in the world, one encircles the Chinese coastline.

There was no need to link this to hotcoldwetdry. Let the environmental issues stand on their own so we can all act on them.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Poets Can No Longer Write About The Eternal Sea”

  1. UncleDan says:

    “We needn’t call upon an angry god to make the sea an object of no small terror. Every year we withdraw from it 160 million tons of fish, deposit in it 7 million tons of garbage.”
    And herein lies the problem with the modern day environmentalist movement. Overexploitation of resources such as fish species X and pollution of the environment are real, tangible, measurable, FIXABLE problems.
    However, because the vast majority of the environmentalist movement has embraced the nebulous hot/cold/wet/dry of climate change, pollution is almost completely ignored and barely more emphasis is put on overfishing. Climate change, as we all know – and which has been proven from Climategate – is pure crap. ‘Solutions’ for climate change are unattainable. Until this farce is ended, real environmental problems such as pollution will continue to worsen.

  2. Blame_The_Gumballs says:

    Right on Dan.

    Yeah, I couldn’t read that piece Teach. I’ve already had my blood pressure limit for today. Again.

    I’m sorry, but if the eternal see grows, it is still eternal. It is not going anywhere. If it shrinks it is still eternal. If it is all changed in to ice, then it is still there. It’s only solid.

    Even if it shrunk in half, it would still be too far to look across. It would still be horizon to horizon.

    And right Teach. They should have left it on environmental issues alone. They should have kept the article on the increasing amount of trash, plastic, styrofoam that is growing in our oceans. That would have garnered more support.

  3. Excellent points, Dan, and that is exactly one of the top things that drives me nuts about Warmists, how they place real environmental issues under “climate change”.

    Don’t worry, GB, I’ll have plenty of more unhinged Warmist stories posted over the coming days. Months. Years.

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