Bad Weather Preventing Fisker Auto Only Cost 6 Times More To Make Than To Sell

And yet it was a terrible, terrible vehicle with numerous defects, a propensity to catch on fire, where constantly needing warranty repairs, and could be so bad that some demanded their money back. Perfect place to dump taxpayer money, eh? (this story is a bit dated, from April 18th)

(Bloomberg) Fisker Automotive Inc. spent more than six times as much U.S. taxpayer and investor money to produce each luxury plug-in car it sold than the company received from customers, according to a research report.

Fisker has spent $1.3 billion in taxpayer and venture capital money, or $660,000 for each car it sold, the report said.

Said vehicles sold for $103K. Aren’t you glad that Obama and the Democrats waste our money like this? On the bright side, they did stop the bad weather, since this January to April was the 20th coldest on record, with roughly 70% of the country being below average through April 28th.


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2 Responses to “Bad Weather Preventing Fisker Auto Only Cost 6 Times More To Make Than To Sell”

  1. mojo says:

    Hey, it had a very pretty body. It’s just that what was under the body was, y’know, crap.

  2. Gumwad_Remains says:

    There is absolutely no correlation between today’s cooler temps and increasing CO2 levels. However, there is a very very very strong correlation between rising CO2 and increasing temps. Consensus and virtual computer models have proved it.

    Just because Socialism failed to mimic Capitalism’s benefits or hide its built-in atrocities to humanity, is no reason to throw it out with the aborted baby’s bathwater.

    Just look at how many people will be getting on free food stamps across this continent!! Just look at how many people in Mexico can get free health care!! Just look at how many free and safe peoples there are across our wondrous, glorious, safe, AND SECURE society!!

    (I may have stolen that last line)

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