A Warmists Wants You Skeptics To Consider The Facts

Alas, like most Warmists, Mr. John Currie, writing to the The Patriot News, forgot to bring scientific facts, just politicalization

Climate change skeptics, consider these facts

From 1993 to 2006, the earth’s oceans rose more than 3.3 millimeters per year, more than 50 percent above projections. On the U.S East Coast, Atlantic Ocean rise is accelerating. The Arctic’s ice cap has shrunk to its smallest size in recorded history.

The World Bank recently said, “Climate change is a fundamental threat to global development.” In Peru’s Andes mountains, glacial ice that took 1,600 years to form has nearly melted away in the past 25 years, an Ohio State University team recently announced.

As we say here in the South, that’s some pretty damned weak tea. Heck, it’s unsweetened tea stretched too far. Nothing in those “facts” proves anthropogenic causation. Nor is ocean rise accelerating, and if it was caused by AGW wouldn’t we see a worldwide change? 3.3mm is still at the historical norm, and actually below the norm for a warm period. The rest goes like this

Britain’s Royal Society, a preeminent scientific organization founded by Isaac Newton, says if we do not change our energy policies, we face a “hellish future.”

NASA cites as “compelling” evidence for climate change: rising sea levels, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, declining sea ice, retreating glaciers, extreme weather events and ocean acidification.

Scaremongering, consensus, politics, and a failure to provide any scientifically factual data proving anthropogenic causation is the typical motif of a Warmist, especially one who ends by whining about fossil fuels usage. And then is beaten like a rented mule in the comments at the link.

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5 Responses to “A Warmists Wants You Skeptics To Consider The Facts”

  1. Rob in Katy says:

    I still contend that warming is better than colding… not many farms up in the frozen tundra areas…I hear irrigation is a bitch!

  2. Yeah, but the Earth is going to burn or something because Someone Else dared to drive a fossil fueled vehicle.

    When it finally does get cool, the Warmists will blame it on too much CO2

  3. gitarcarver says:

    I still contend that warming is better than colding…

    No. No. NO!

    There are too many Democrats and liberals who have said “I’ll become conservative and concerned with people’s rights when hell freezes over!”

    We need cooling and lots of it. 😉

  4. Gummie_Brainy-Bears says:

    I love this comment from the article:

    If Antarctica were actually growing they would. But since the ice sheets are losing enough mass to alter gravity… it is patently false to say Antarctica is growing.
    Antarctica’s sea ice extent is becoming greater in the winter, but it all melts during summer. And the reason sea ice extent is increasing in the winter, is because the ice sheets are melting more in the summer. The cold, fresh melt water is lighter and colder than the briny sea water, so it floats on top. Since it is colder and fresher, it freezes faster, which means more sea ice every winter.

    The idiocy… it burns!!!
    No wonder people actually believe that our sun plays no role in why our earth is warm.

  5. Yeah, I though about dropping one of my patented facepalm posts on that comment itself. There was so much wrong it’s not even funny.

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